Lexie and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I have known of each other since we were younger. I remember when we were in junior high and him and his friends would block call me almost every weekend haha, Eric would message me on social media from time to time flirting with me and now that I look back on it I’m mad at myself for never messaging back! We met back up in our college days in Tyler tx when Eric was going to school at UT Tyler and I was at TJC and we would see each other out at different places and always talk to each other but it never went any further than that sadly but I can remember seeing him at a softball game and he came and sat by me and talked to me the whole time and I remember calling my mom that night and saying how cute I thought he was and how I wished he would’ve asked for my phone number or SOMETHING!! Fast forward two years later I was in Austin and had posted a snap chat and Eric messaged me after that and proceeded to finally ask me for my number and at the time he had just moved to Corinth tx and I was living at home still in Marshall tx and when we first started texting we already started planning when we could see each other and Eric planned our first date and even offered to drive ALL the way to Marshall to pick me up after he got off of work on a Friday to take me on our first date.. mind you he lived 3 hours away from me lol so he took me to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Shreveport Louisiana (which was another hour away) I can remember being so nervous even getting ready for the date and when he finally picked me up I just remember trying not to act too nervous and so we drove all the way to Louisiana and there was never an awkward moment which relieved me haha so we got to the restaurant and it was the only date I had ever been on where it just felt so natural and like I had known him forever and it also helped that he is super fun to look at and he’s so sweet. We leave the restaurant and he opens my door and was just such a gentleman the whole night, we get in his truck and on our way back we played oldies music and we both sang every word to every song at the top of our lungs I just remember having so much fun with him that night we got back to my car and he walked me to my door and said our goodbyes and I headed back home and some of my friends were over when I got home and I told them how awesome our night was and how much I liked him already and I remember my mom and friends being like WHAT?! ( mind you I have always been very very picky on who I date and rarely ever liked anyone lol) and then we saw each other the next night and had a casual night of bowling and went to a friends after and we had our very first kiss that night before I left and it was immediate butterflies! The rest is honestly history from there and it’s been a fairytale ever since, I’m so thankful.

how they asked

Eric and my mom went in together on planning the engagement, my mom called me one morning telling me she had entered in a Facebook contest to win a romantic dinner for two at a super nice restaurant in Tyler tx and I was kinda like oh ok well that’s cool (not really thinking she would win it or anything) so I go on about my day and she texted me later on telling me she had actually won the contest and I thought that was so cool that she had actually won it! Haha anyways she goes on to tell me all of the details about the dinner and said she wanted to give it to me and Eric because my dad would be working when the date of the dinner fell on and so I, of course, was SO excited I love going to fancy places to eat because that’s an excuse to get dressed up! Lol so a couple of days pass and my mom sends me a screenshot of a text she got from the restaurant confirming the dinner and everything and I remember Eric being so excited about it and so I had gone and got a pretty dress to wear to the restaurant because it’s a nicer restaurant.

Weeks go by and then it was finally time for our date night so I remember getting ready and Eric really not saying much the whole time which is not like him at all and our reservation was at 7:00 and it was in Tyler which is about an hour away from us so I tried taking my time getting ready and I still ended up being ready by like 4:00 and I remember sitting on the couch with Eric and going to hold his hands and they were wet almost they were so sweaty haha, I remember asking him if everything was ok and he blamed it on his hair-gel he had just put in which was funny looking back on now. Anyways we sat on the couch until about 5:00 and my mom said we should get on the road and I remember Eric kinda freaking out and being like really?? Already?

Lol so we left to Tyler and were on highway i20 headed to Tyler tx and the speed limit on that highway is 75 and I remember thinking it was so odd Eric was doing 65 when normally I have to get on to him for speeding I was having to ask him to go the speed limit haha and he said oh well I figured we would take our time which made me laugh and so anyways we are almost to tyler at this point and I remember asking him if everything was ok because he wasn’t as talkative as normal and he would just smile and say everything was fine, we stopped at Whataburger and had a quick snack and then he took me to the Tyler rose garden and it was just absolutely beautiful, after that he was supposed to go to the restaurant and ended up taking a detour to an old golf course he used to work at and I remember thinking what in the world is he doing haha it was pretty funny to look back on and think of all of the nervous things he was doing.

So we finally get to the restaurant and tell the hostess we were a little early for our reservation but that we were here! She had a little smirk on her face the whole time as she walked us to this beautiful gazebo that had just one table for two set for us on it, overlooking a lake. I remember tearing up at how beautiful it all was and I didn’t have one clue what was about to happen. Eric and I had the best dinner and once we were done I remember him leaving me to go to the bathroom and just thinking how lucky I am to have him and be at such a beautiful place.

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He had been gone awhile but finally came back to our table and he was fidgeting with the table and I was like what are you doing and he said he was just organizing the table which made me laugh and then he got up and I thought he wanted to dance but then he dropped down to one knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever answered and then my whole family and his family were there to watch it all and I was just overwhelmed with happiness and emotions it was easily the best day of my life. But the kicker of the story is that Eric and my mom made up the whole Facebook contest thing to make me believe that my mom had actually won it and they had everything perfectly planned out from the fake confirmation text all the way down to having my whole family be there it was simply amazing.