Lexi and Zack

How We Met

Zack and I met June of 2018 on Bumble. I swiped right only because he had a chocolate lab puppy, and he says he swiped right because he knew someone in one of my pictures. We talked on the app and eventually texting. I blew him off in July and he thought I was done with him, but really I was on vacation with my family.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Board & Brush

In August we finally went on our first date. We went kayaking and he brought the chocolate lab with him. A few days went by and we went on our second then the third date. Ever since our third date, we have been with each other. In September 2018 he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. And the rest is history.

Lexi's Proposal in Board & Brush

Lexi and Zack's Engagement in Board & Brush

How They Asked

Zack had to work on Saturday, and he called me to say that his boss wasn’t able to go to her Board and Brush event that night. He said she asked if we wanted to go and so I said yes not thinking anything of it.

Once we were there the owner of the business said they were going to have a photographer for their social media (still thought nothing of it). The owner asked Zack and me to take a picture of our painted signs together. Once we did that the owner asked me to come, look at the pictures to see if I liked them.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Board & Brush

I turned to call Zack over to look at the pictures as well. When I turned around he was down on one knee with a sign that said: “will you marry me?” I started to cry right away and he ended up having to ask me again if I would. I said “yes” but still couldn’t move. He got up and came closer to me to ask again and put the ring on my finger.


Special Thanks

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