Lexi and Will

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After 5 years of growing up together, we are FINALLY getting married!! Early April 2017, I got an invitation in the mail to my friend’s wedding party gathering, which would take place on May 13, 2017. Fast forward 1 month later. Will’s family had booked a vacation to their favorite spot–Hilton Head Island–and had asked me to go along, since it was the one week of the summer I was not in class. It just so happened that the day we would be arriving home from the beach was the day of my friend’s wedding party (Silly me, thought it was a coincidence). As we rushed home from Hilton Head, early Saturday morning, May 13, I was excited to see some of my family who I thought had come in for Mother’s Day (Again, I totally should have put the pieces together). I told Will that I wanted to make sure we could get to the party early to help with set-up, and Will was totally hesitant to go early. I begged and begged for quite a while to get him to take me early, but for some reason he kept finding things he had to do before we left. Once we finally left and were on the way to the party, I actually told him how much I wanted to get married at my friend’s farm because it was such a beautiful TN mountain view and was on the river. As we finally arrived–right on time, might I add–I was still trying to see if I could help with anything. However, Will kept trying to get me to go toward the field. We walked hand-in-hand toward this absolutely magnificent arbor, draped in the most beautiful greenery and flowers (oh and did I mention, he built the arbor so we could use it in the wedding<3). Still oblivious, I said, “Wow, they must have this set-up for the wedding party.” As we stood under the arbor, Will looked at me and said, “Lexi, you realize this is for you, right?” He bent down and grabbed the most handmade beautiful wooden box with my new initials hand-carved on the top, dropped to one knee, and told me how he had always known I was his One and asked me to marry him.

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Still completely shocked, I said over and over “Wait, are you kidding me? Will, are you serious right now???” It was all he could do to shut me up and ask me TO MARRY HIM!!!!!

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Right then, I heard all of our family and friends shouting and running towards us. I have never felt so loved by so many people. Will so thoughtfully and beautifully made May 13, 2017 the best day EVER. Now we cannot wait to spend August 2018 celebrating!

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