Lexi and Will

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wellsboro, PA

How We Met

Goodness, I don’t even know where to start! I first saw Will when I was walking out of science class during my sophomore year of high school. We didn’t have any classes together, or even mutual friends, but the moment I saw him I was head over heels. I made it my mission to figure out his name and friend him on social media. After a few months of casually chatting online, I figured it wasn’t going anywhere and he probably thought I was crazy! A few weeks went by when I got a text from him asking if we could go on a date for the first time and I was so excited. We met up at the movies and I knew right away that he was perfect for me. We made it “official” and became boyfriend and girlfriend a week later in November of 2010.

Proposal Ideas Wellsboro, PA

How They Asked

Will knew that I wanted nothing more than to marry him since day one! But he didn’t want to propose until after he graduated college and we didn’t have to be apart anymore. It was the weekend after his graduation that we decided to celebrate his birthday by going to his cabin in Wellsboro, PA. The forecast had said it would be raining and cold all weekend, but we decided to take our chances and went anyway. The weather was beautiful! It was warm and sunny and together we went hiking, horseback riding and just simply enjoyed each other’s company. On Saturday morning Will decided he wanted us to take the boat out on the lake since it was so nice out. We got in the boat and he rowed it closer to the beaver lodge that was located in the middle of the lake. I had seen the beaver lodge many times throughout trips to the cabin so it didn’t surprise me when he asked if we wanted to get out of the boat and walk along with the lodge. I watched Will set up his camera on the beaver lodge but again, wasn’t surprised because he had been taking pictures and videos all weekend of the nature around us. While walking along with the lodge Will spotted an antique-looking box sticking out of the mud and suggested we did it up. My first thought was that it was a long lost treasure and helped him in pulling out the box. When I opened it up there was a small jeweled pink egg that was stunning. Will picked it up gently and opened it to reveal a diamond ring. And here came the ugly waterworks as we hugged and I sobbed the word “yes” multiple times! It was absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to mark 10 years of dating when we get married in September 2020! I love Will so much and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life by his side.

Special Thanks

Ally Oshiro
 | Photographer