Lexi and Tyler

How we met

Lexi and I both attended Duke University and were members of the Duke Varsity Swim Team. The summer before her freshman year and my junior year, we met at a 4th of July party at our swim coach’s house. It was Lexi’s first time meeting the team, so she doesn’t really remember meeting me specifically. But I remember meeting her.

Wearing white jean shorts and a blue and white tank top, Lexi took my breath away the moment she walked through the door. Getting to know her more throughout the next few weeks, I found that Lexi was just as funny, smart, adventurous and confident as she was beautiful. Four and a half years later I am very happy to say that she will be my wife.

how they asked

I had known for about 6 months that I wanted to propose to Lexi. Although we are currently not living in the same state, I know she is the woman I want to spend my life with and decided it was time to take our relationship to the next level. I am a medical school student in South Carolina and went to visit Lexi in Chapel Hill during the last half of my spring break. Weeks before, I made a reservation at Rue Cler in downtown Durham for brunch. I figured going out to brunch would be a good excuse for us to get semi-dressed up without Lexi suspecting anything (like engagement pictures).

On the morning of March 11th, just as we were about to head out to brunch, I remembered that I left the jacket I had planned on wearing at my apartment in South Carolina. Without any other option, I put the ring box inside of my sock, and prayed that she would not notice. Occasionally during brunch, I would reach down and pretend to pull up my sock just to make sure it hadn’t fallen out. Luckily, she didn’t notice a thing. I wasn’t actually nervous about the proposal until the end of brunch when I found my appetite fading and saw food leftover on my plate for the first time in years. I had a strong feeling she would say “yes,” but I wanted the proposal to be everything that Lexi had hoped for.

We had a delicious brunch and as we were leaving I mentioned to Lexi that I wanted to go to the Duke University Student Store to pick up a new Duke shirt for my nephew, just in time for March Madness. This was my excuse to get Lexi on campus. We arrived to Duke shortly after and made our way to the store where I very quickly purchased a shirt. I then told her I wanted to walk up to the chapel to see the new renovations that had been done. She looked at me like I was crazy, and said, “It’s like 30 degrees outside…” Somehow, I convinced her to walk, and we reminisced on the great times we had in undergrad. We made our way to the chapel and found ourselves underneath the cherry tree blossoms.

I then got down on one knee, told Lexi how much I loved her, and asked her to marry me. Her reactions were… “​I​s this really happening?”​,​ “YES!”​,​ and “W​ait, did you ask my dad?”

Special Thanks

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