Lexi and Tyler

Where to Propose in Cincinnati

How We Met

Tyler and I first met when I began reaching a local school district. It was my first year teaching and his 5th. We both teach 7th grade. He is the social studies teacher and I’m the seventh-grade special education teacher.

One day after school I had some students in my room asking me about my personal life, if I was married, dating anybody or completely single. Once I told them I was single, it took them about 5 minutes to run over to his room and tell Tyler that I was single and he should totally ask me out. They would NOT leave us alone about it! Later that night I received a message from Tyler on Facebook laughing about the students and how ridiculous they are. Sure enough, he asked me for drinks that next night and the rest his history!!

How They Asked

On Labor Day weekend in Cincinnati, there is always a giant fireworks display in the city. My family rents out a rooftop bar every year and invites friends and family out for a perfect view of the fireworks, so this last year was nothing different! We had 2 party buses filled with our best friends and family and headed out to the rooftop bar. When we arrived I noticed that the party buses kind of shut off the streets, I just thought the drivers were stuck due to how tight the streets are with how many people attend the fireworks display. (Boy was I wrong) I was given a job to make sure everyone in our party had a wristband to show we were on the rooftop for a private party. As I was handing them out I heard the music start and I was being pulled to the middle of the street for a FLASH MOB!!

Now, I have ALWAYS said how much I would love a flash mob for a proposal but never did I expect it to ever happen. So as soon as I realized what was happening, it was instant tears. More and more dancers kept coming out from the streets and started dancing! Then my best friend from college who I haven’t seen in 2 1/2 years came running out and then all of our work friends (including our boss, who we love DEARLY) came down with flowers.

I was so emotional at this point! So many surprises I couldn’t handle it!! And finally, they pulled me into a circle and out walked Tyler! There were videographers, drones, people recording on the roof, photographers. It was quite a production!!!

Lexi and Tyler's Engagement in Cincinnati

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