Lexi and Tom


how they asked

When we visited my parents for Thanksgiving before the engagement, he was able to go ask my dad at the store for his permission to marry me (which of course he said yes!) while I was at an event with one of my close friends. He told Tom that he would have my mom and the other employees that work there to all pick out one or two options they thought I would like. The next day, he told me that “my dad needed help moving boxes at the store” which was believable since he was having issues with his back at the time. He ended up picking out the ring that my mom had picked for me.

Mid-December, he got me at Biggby, we took a walk down by the water (which is exactly what we did that first time we hung out!), we went hiking to see some frozen waterfalls, took me to an abandoned factory, and then took me to McClain State Park and walked all the way to the same wall where we took our first picture together. He said “Let’s take a picture together!” So I took a selfie of us and as I was looking through the few that I took to make sure his eyes weren’t closed, he said “See, it’s cute since this is where we took our first picture as boyfriend and girlfriend…but it’ll also be our last.” and when I turned around, he was down on one knee with the ring. I don’t think there was a better way for it all to happen! I don’t think he even asked me the question before I said yes and made him put the ring on my finger!


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