Lexi and Tom

how we met

Tom and I actually met in 7th grade! Tom was at a different school at the time so I had not met him when our families went on a ski trip in Utah. His sister walked up to me in our cozy mountain condo and said, “this is my brother, Tom!” From then on, I was head over heels (or whatever you can do in 7th grade!) for this blue eyed crazy boy. As a shy middle schooler, his bright and fun personality brought me out of my shell and continues to do so to this day. After the ski trip, Tom asked me to be his “girlfriend” (…again, whatever that means in 7th grade!) at a soccer game both of our sisters were playing in. From then, Tom told his mom he wanted to switch schools. Sure enough, the next year he was at my school and we dated throughout high school and basically have grown up together! We both went to Clemson University and now graduate this year and getting married in December! We have come a long way from our middle school years but I am forever grateful God placed Tom in my life when He did!

how they asked

Tom got down on one knee on the dock of my family’s lake house where we have shared many memories over the years. It was a COMPLETE surprise. In fact, my first reaction was, “No, you’re joking!” My family and his family were waiting for us inside the house to celebrate after the proposal. It was truly the best day of my life.

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