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how we met

Steven and I first met four years ago when we were both stationed on Ft. Lewis. I was in Marine Corps Martial Arts training, and the Sergeant who was running it asked Steven to come and be my sparring and grappling partner since he was closer to my size. We’d never met prior to this, and we didn’t get to do a lot of getting to know each other while fighting, but from then on we would just stop to talk and say hello whenever we saw each other around, and eventually we began spending more time together. It was over a year after we met that we started dating, but as soon as we did I knew he was the one!

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how they asked

I had suspected that Steven was going to propose on a different day because he had made a big deal about all these sweet plans he had made for that day. But my military orders got extended, and I ended up not coming home until after that date had passed. The night he did propose he was extremely casual about the dinner at The Purple Cafe leading up to it, and had nothing else planned (that I knew of), so I didn’t see it coming! I was getting frustrated before dinner because he kept making strange decisions. Why were we parking in a paid lot outdoors in the rain, when the restaurant had a free to park garage? (It was so my best friend could come pick up our car for us while we were eating). Why did he insist I wear a dress in this weather when I barely wanted to change out of my sweats? (He knew I would want to wear something cute for the photos.)

As dinner went on, he said he wanted to make a toast when we were down to our last glass of wine, which wasn’t suspicious to me because we always do toasts when we go out on date nights, but it was at the end of dinner he started to tell me how much he loved me, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

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When all I could do was nod my head in shock, he then asked if he could actually put the ring on me, to which I said yes. He had planned with Cristina (the photographer) and the restaurant to have her sitting at the table next to us, and I was shocked when she started taking pictures of the whole thing.

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I was so glad she was there to capture the moment, because it all became an exciting blur, and the pictures are wonderful to look back on! After dinner we got picked up and taken to a hotel on the water where we spent the night in a suite with a beautiful view and champagne. The whole night was a dream come true!

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