Lexi and Ryan

How We Met

I worked for Republic Records and Ryan worked for Wheels Up, he made a meeting with my boss at the time Charlie Walk who was the President of Republic Records to try to get him to join Wheels Up as a member. Ryan saw me outside Charlie’s office and handed me his business card and said “let’s get drinks sometime” we went back and forth with each other for about 8 months and finally we met for a drink and have been dating ever since!

How They Asked

I didn’t know this at the time but over the past 4 months Ryan has been working with a well-known artist, Peter Tunney to create a custom piece of art with photos of Ryan and me, quotes that we send to each other, and vital points in our relationship. He created this insane piece of art that said Foreve on it because Forever (with the R) is the end of Forever. He had it hanging on the wall in Peters gallery which is located in Wynwood Walls in Miami.

Ryan asked me to go to Miami for the day with him and go see Peters gallery, we walked in and Peter was there to show us around and finally we got to the piece that Ryan made and next to it there was a “price tag” that read “Alexis will you marry me foreve?” Price: Priceless. He then asked me if I would make him the happiest man in the world and if I would Marry him. After I said yes all of our families ran out from the back to greet us!

Where to Propose in Wynwood Walls in Miami

Lexi and Ryan's Engagement in Wynwood Walls in Miami

Special Thanks

Peter Tunney
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