Lexi and Ray's "Otterly" Adorable Proposal

232323232-fp83232-ydnjthgqubwsnrcgu6-5--nu=4273-965-;32-WSNRCG=42-767--84328nu0mrjOtters are my most favorite animal in the world. I can’t tell you why, I just think they are so “otterly” adorable and am quite obsessed with them… In the early stages of dating my now husband, the otter pictures were endless. Lots of adorable pictures, inside jokes, and little otter gifts. It very quickly became our thing since the beginning stages.

After all of the courtship and the more serious we got, my birthday was approaching! He works so many hours I really wasn’t expecting to go out of town, maybe just up to the mountains for a quick get away.

One Saturday, my boyfriend calls me to tell me to leave work a few hours early and pack a bag. I was very confused… I can’t just leave work with no notice to my boss. He said he had already taken care of it. I checked with my boss and all he could do is smile and say “go!”. I asked him where we are going and he says pack a bag and you will see. I rush home not knowing what to pack and throw a bag together. He meets me at the house and tells me we need to go! 30 minutes later we arrive at the airport and he still doesn’t tell me where we are going until we check in. He tells me we are going to Vegas to do something I have always wanted to do.

Once again, I am more than a bit clueless but so eager to find out! We have a beautiful first day in Vegas just soaking up our rare free time together and he informs me tomorrow is the  day for my surprise. We wake up early and drive TWO hours outside of Vegas! I honestly didn’t know there was much to do in Nevada besides Vegas, so if he wanted to get rid of me in the middle of nowhere…. Now was the time!

As we approach a tiny town called Moapa Town, he finally starts to clue me in. He informs me we are visiting a very special exotic animal zoo. We finally arrive at the zoo itself and tells me that this is the closest place to Colorado, where we live, where you can pet and play with OTTERS! I was so shocked and beside myself with excitement. I don’t even think I fully processed it. It is just so like my husband to pull off the most thoughtful surprises that I can’t even believe really happens. Turns out he privately rented out the zoo and we get out very own personal tour to see whatever we want!

He passed off a Go Pro Camera to the tour guide so we could have our own otter videos he tells me. The otters were the first stop of course! We practically ran in there. There were otters running around, swimming, squeaking… it was the epitome of adorable! They were in my lap. I was PETTING otters; A total dream come true! It was the most perfect day before my birthday surprise EVER. We are there a good 5, 10 minutes and as I’m going to find him to pet the otters more…. I turn around to find him down on one knee with an open ring box! I thought the otters were my surprise!

I didn’t even know what to do or couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I of course said yes and just collapsed with joy into my fiance’s arms. I was SO beyond shocked I didn’t even know what to do. I couldn’t believe it. I was filled with so much joy. I don’t think I even looked at the ring I was so thrilled. I balled my eyes out with so many happy tears. It then clicked that he got it all recorded, too and I think I started crying more! I make scrapbooks so he knows how important it is to me to keep things. He thought of everything like he always does. At the end of the video, even the otters stand up and chirp with glee! Then an otter photo bombs our very first picture as an engaged couple! I was 100% CLULESS and didn’t see it coming at all and I even packed his suit case where he had the ring hidden! We cry every time to this day when we watch the video.