Lexi and Nick

How We Met

Nick and I met at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I had just finished my junior year and he had just completed his sophomore year. We were at a mutual friend’s house for a bonfire, kicking off summer, when a friend introduced me to him and his twin brother. I really didn’t think much of him other than that he was cute, as he was a grade younger than I. However, that night, a group of us had jokingly agreed to host “family dinners” the next school year as a social gathering. When the next school year started, we followed through on that plan.

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The first “family dinner” was at my house, tacos and beers. Nick and his roommates showed up and I remembered just how cute he was. We just clicked after that. Each “family dinner” I felt myself wanting to get to know him on a deeper level. Ends up, a few months later, we went on our first date. He took me out to dinner and then headed out to a local beach, Tunnel Park, for a bottle of wine. Tunnel Park became our place.

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That spring, after attending most all of his college baseball games and falling more for him as I watched him lead his teammates as their captain, I knew I had to tell him truly how I felt. Those three words had almost already slipped out a few times. We had plans to go to Tunnel Park to watch the sunset, and while playing hangman in the sand, I told him I loved him. We were both heads over heels. After graduating from college, me and then him, we have had the joy of transitioning into adulthood together, getting our first jobs, and falling even more in love. Now here we are!

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Lexi's Proposal in Tunnel Park, Holland, MI

how they asked

A few weeks before, my best friend Carly had asked me to accompany her to take some photos of her future sister-in-law at Tunnel Park beach. I have a professional Nikon camera, but rarely use it. I reluctantly agreed to let her use my camera and to tag along. I made sure that Nick was okay with it, as Friday nights are usually our date nights. He told me he had a make-up game (he coaches varsity baseball at a local high school). We were good to go.

That Friday, I left school right on time (I teach 5th grade). I met Carly at a nail salon, as she had said her sister-in-law was running late and she really needed to get her nails done. I didn’t think anything of it.

Lexi and Nick's Engagement in Tunnel Park, Holland, MI

After finishing up at the salon, we headed out to the beach. Upon arriving, she wasted some time playing with the camera in the car, and then told me where we needed to meet her sister-in-law. We walked up the stairs and then down to the beach. As soon as we got down to the water, I turned the corner and there was Nick. I turned to Carly with a blank look… she smiled and just took the camera from me. I was 100% COMPLETELY surprised! He nailed it!

Two years ago, Nick wrote me lyrics to a song. When I turned the corner, the lyrics of the song were written on different boards and placed down the beach in a path leading me to him. It was a long walk down to him… I was shaking, laughing, crying, and in complete disbelief. When I reached him, he couldn’t stop smiling. He made a sweet long speech about our first memories at Tunnel Park and making one more. Then he got down on his knee and popped the easiest question of my life. I obviously said YES!

Little did I know, that wasn’t the only surprise. While still in shock, here comes our five best friends running down the beach with champagne! One from Chicago, one from all the way across the state… here for us! It was the best time. We popped a few bottles, then headed to a local beach bar for a drink together.

But the surprises didn’t stop there! While still going on and on about how beautiful my ring was and how surprised I was, all of a sudden we were pulling into my parents drive-way. They had told me they were going up north to our cabin for the weekend so I did not think anyone was home. However, Nick had thrown a huge engagement party with all of our closest friends and family. It was the most perfect night in all of eternity. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was beyond perfect… and so is he!

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