Lexi and Mike

Lexi's Proposal in In Austin at The Blanton Museum

How We Met

Mike & I were actually set up by my older sister a little over a year and a half ago. It wasn’t quite a blind date, because she had shown me a picture of him and I remember thinking he was so incredibly good looking that it made me nervous to go. We had our first date at a wine only bar and as a strict tequila drinker, I was concerned how I was going to navigate this date.

Already off to a unique start, he walked in and immediately went for a handshake at the same time I went in for a hug. It was clear we were both nervous and it put me at ease. Our first date lasted three hours and *gasp* I even drank wine! The conversation was so easy and it was like meeting someone I’d known forever. I wasn’t totally sure he liked me because he waited three long days before texting and asking me out for tequila.

how they asked

Fast forward to now and here we are, engaged! On September 15th, 2018 he truly made me the happiest girl in the world when he proposed at the Blanton Museum in Austin, TX before the UT/USC game. We had popped into the museum to supposedly meet some friends before brunch.. in reality, he had coordinated with the Blanton Museum & two photographers so we could have the perfect proposal moment caught on camera. I feel so lucky to get to call him my fiancé and cannot wait to wake up to him every damn day!!

Where to Propose in In Austin at The Blanton Museum

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Special Thanks

Lindsey Thorne
 | Photographer
The Blanton Museum
 | Proposal Location