Lexi and Max

Lexi and Max's Engagement in Crystal Bridges trail in Bentonville, AR

How We Met

Max and I have known each other since we were in about seventh grade. I had a huge crush on him off and on growing up but didn’t know him super well. We just had the same friend group through our church’s youth group. Then, when he was a senior in college, I was a freshman and a group of us started hanging out again. I found out later that when he had asked me out to the movies, it was actually a group thing he had planned but no one else could go and he took a risk that it could be awkward with just the two of us driving an hour there and back (the movie theater in town was sketchy). It turned out to be super fun! This whole time I viewed him as shy and that entire drive he talked my ear off! The rest is history!! We are complete opposites but it somehow works perfectly!

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how they asked

So I had this weird feeling about a week before that it was going to happen. I was visiting home (we had been dating long distance since we started dating my freshman year and his senior year), and bring a few friends home for the weekend to visit. All my friends knew about the proposal so they were taking all of these secret pictures of me and talking to each other about how I was almost engaged and had no clue, etc etc.

On Friday night, I went to a wedding that Max was in and I admitted to him how I had been telling everyone that I thought he was going to propose but how I was so embarrassed because after talking to my mom, I “knew” he wasn’t going to propose. On the way home from the wedding I was crying and he just kept apologizing and saying how he really should’ve thought more about doing it earlier, and how sorry he was that it “wasn’t happening”. (Typical that this all went down the night before the big day!!!)

So the next morning my friends and I are getting ready and little do I know that a lot of family and friends are waiting on my friends and Max to get to Crystal Bridges, which is the museum we were planning on showing my friends most of Saturday. I’m taking my time getting ready because I’m convinced that nothing is going to happen!! We eventually make it to the beginning of the trail but of course, there are kids selling lemonade and they’re so cute that I have to dig through my purse and find cash and get some for all of us. Once again, I took so much time beforehand that everyone made a big joke of it after the fact.

So, we eventually get to this rock bench and turn in the trail and Max takes my hand as my friends start to stay back behind us and we sit down together and he gets a card out and asks us to read it together. It was full of sweet and wonderful words that I will cherish forever. Then he gets up and gets on one knee (as I start crying) and pulls the ring out of his sock (which is how my dad and brother proposed) and of course, I say yes!!

So then he says “okay, there’s one more thing” and we walk up the trail to a hidden area and there are a lot of family and friends and his mom runs up to me and gives me the cutest, fluffiest puppy ever!!!! It’s a Bernedoodle and Max says “meet Eddie” and I am in such total shock that I can’t even think of anything to say!! I was so surprised and so amazed by it all.

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