Lexi and Josseph

How We Met

It was actually my birthday and my best friend and I went out for a drink. We ran into someone we knew from high school and his roommate. We hung out as a group all night but we never really talked to his roommate. The night ended and we all went out separate ways. A few months later, we ran into them again at the same bar. I talked to his roommate the whole entire night and from then on we have been inseparable!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Elementary school

Lexi's Proposal in Elementary school

Proposal Ideas Elementary school

How They Asked

I’m a kindergarten teacher and it was the day before we got out for winter break. My principal told me I had a meeting before our party and I needed to dress nice because it was important. I didn’t think anything of it because I’ve had a meeting like this before. My boyfriend came to school with me that next morning because he was going to stay for my class party.

My principal asked if she could read a story to all of the kindergartens before the meeting started. We brought our classes down to the front and she read the 12 Days of Christmas. When the book was finished she said got up and said: “well Ms. Tuomey, what did your true love give to you this Christmas?” I was clueless while Joseph began to lower to one knee and all of our closet friends and family came out of the office. I said yes, kissed Joseph, and all my kiddos yelled “EWWW!” ??

Special Thanks

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