Lexi and Jarell

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How We Met

Jarell and I were both cheerleaders at the University of Louisville, he was my stunt partner.

how they asked

Yesterday morning I woke up to a letter beside my bed and a certain someone was MIA. Next to the letter was my first clue to my scavenger hunt that I would go on throughout the day. My first clue led me to my mom and I starting out the day with massages and a delicious breakfast. The 2nd clue led me to meeting one of my best friends at the nail salon (this is when I really knew something was up) After getting our nails done I got to meet up with my Nama for lunch…she also did a good job at not giving anything away by the way haha.

My next clue was for me to head to the mall to pick out a dress where my best friend surprised me from Louisville! It took us a minute to find the right dress but once we saw it we knew it was the one! After finding the dress, I got to have my makeup done (just to completely ruin it lol). My 2nd to last clue was for me to head home and finish getting ready, BUT I was not allowed to not open my final clue until I was completely ready. I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my life because I was so anxious to see what was on that final card. I opened the envelope and the last card was labeled “The Final Rose”.

I looked inside to see my directions to where I was going next but there was NOTHING! I was freaking out to say the least because one of my 3 rules from the very first letter was that I was not allowed to call or text anyone the whole day. I sat there and debated for about 5 minutes if I should call someone or not ( I didn’t know if it was apart of the plan )….

Eventually I ended up texting Jarell asking where I was supposed to go and he sent the address right away (He just forgot to write it down).

As I’m on my way, I have so many thoughts going through my head. I pull up to the location to where I was meeting him (got lost a few times when I got there) I walk around the corner and see my handsome FIANCÉ standing by the most gorgeous fountain.

I immediately started crying. Before I knew it, all my dreams came true in that moment when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! AND OF COURSE I SAID YES! I turned around and all of my closest friends and fam were there! It was the most perfect day I could ever imagine. It was truly like a fairytale!


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