Lexi and Hayden

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How We Met

When Hayden and I met I had just moved to Phoenix and was a host at a restaurant, it was a Friday night and this tall, dark & handsome guy walks in and kinda leans against the wall right across from me at the host stand. He looked like he was waiting for a date so I playfully asked him, “Hey, waiting on a date?” He smiled and said yes, walked over, and began telling me how it was the first date he was going on. We chatted for a few minutes about random things, he was making fun of me because I was up there doing a Sudoku puzzle…. 10-15 minutes went by and his date still hadn’t shown up! A couple walked in so I left to seat them and when I came back he was gone…. Fast forward an hour and he walks back in the front door. I asked him how the date went and he tells me he accidentally went to the WRONG RESTAURANT, his date was at the restaurant right next door the whole time. When I left to go seat the couple that had walked in, that’s when Hayden realized he was at the wrong place. Anyways, he tells me the date went okay but the highlight of his night was meeting me! He asked me on a first date that same week, I let him pick the spot so he wouldn’t get lost. ;)

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How They Asked

Hayden and I had been officially dating for about a year. Back in January I had entered a photography photo session giveaway and won! We were so excited because the photographer was amazing and left it up to us where we would want to take the photos. We decided to make a fun trip out of it and planned to go up to Big Sur, CA. It was the end of March and we planned to fly in Thursday, take the photos Friday evening, and drive up the PCH the rest of the weekend. Turns out it was really foggy in Big Sur, CA Thursday evening so our photographer asked us if we’d be down to do a sunrise session instead.

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We agreed and woke up the next day at 6 am to do some sunrise photos! It was 50 degrees in the morning so we went the night before and got some tequila sunrise ingredients to hopefully keep us warm (worked like a charm) Our photographer scouted out the perfect cliff overlooking the mountains and ocean.

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We began taking the photos and our photographer being amazing as she is made it so fun and comfortable that I had no idea when she told me to face the other way that I would be turning around to Hayden down on one knee proposing…. The best moment, day, the weekend of my entire life! March 26, 2022, the same day next year we get to say, I DO!

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Special Thanks

Janelle Brooks
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring