Lexi and Christopher

How We Met

Our love story began in St. Louis. Christopher lived here, but I lived in a small town about 45 minutes away. I was working at a radio station in the city, though, so I was able to see him after work all the time! Eventually, I moved to St. Louis with him, we rescued a sweet pup named Albert, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Christopher and I live in St. Louis, and we traveled to New Orleans for a night before heading to Santa Rosa Beach to meet up with my family for the week. I’d had three trips canceled due to the pandemic, so I was very excited to finally leave town (we love to travel as much as possible). I had no idea that day/night in New Orleans would change my life forever. We spent the day at our hotel pool, which had an entrance to an observation deck with incredible views of the city. We had gone up there earlier in the day and set up my phone to take photos with the gorgeous background.

He had planned on taking me to dinner and proposing, but after seeing how awesome the observation deck was, he made a quick decision to propose up there before we headed out to dinner. He was thinking we would just set my phone up again, but a sweet couple happened to be up on the deck. He asked them to take our photo and whispered to them that he was about to propose. I was shocked!

My first reaction was, “Wait, do you know these people who are taking our picture right now?” 😂 It was perfect. I loved how spontaneous and intimate it was. It was great timing, too, since we were able to celebrate our engagement with my family at the beach all week after. He told me afterward his original plan was to propose in early spring at the place back home we went on our first date and have our families there, but coronavirus ruined that plan. Since we love to travel, I’m really happy it happened on vacation. And our puppy, Albert, was really happy to celebrate with us when we got home! 🐾❤️