Lexi and Christian

how we met

We met during our junior year of college at the University of South Carolina. Our friendship started on the first day of class when our two friend groups walked to class together. We talked all the way there, and realized that we shared the same 8:30 AM “Business Management” class and “Intro to finance” later that day. From that point on, we were locked into 20 minute walks, 4 times a week, and I took every second of those walks to get to know Lexi. We became best friends and we had an amazing tight knit friend group that did everything together. As we studied together and hung out together, we realized that it was more than an amazing friendship, and it evolved into the loving relationship that we have today.

how they asked

I’ve never felt so nervous in my entire life. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before. At 9 AM I went with our friends to Great Falls Park in Virginia to find the perfect spot to get down on one knee. After finding the spot on the cliffs that was overlooking the river, I rushed back home so that Lexi didn’t think anything was up. Our friends sprung into action setting up the location with rose pedals, twinkle lights, and candles. I picked Lexi up and told her that we were going on a short hike. I walked her to the place we had set up and began reading all the advice and prayers I had collected from our closest friends and family. After reading, I said it was my turn and shared how amazing I truly think she is and then proposed. Somehow, she said yes to my forever.
Funny story… I picked out the perfect ring, classy plain gold band with a solitaire round diamond. Lexi had always dreamed of simple yet elegant so I picked a unique setting that allowed you to see the diamond fully through the ring. She loved it. A few month’s later, we got an email from the jeweler and they informed us that they accidentally gave us a higher quality diamond than I had originally picked out. The jeweler asked for us to give the diamond back, but after sharing all of our special memories with that ring, they agreed to let us keep it because of how sentimental it was.

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