Lexi and Carson

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How We Met

We met our freshman year at the University of Arizona through a mutual friend (thanks Tina!) and talked pretty much every day for the next 6 months. We insisted that we were JUST friends until one night Carson leaned in to kiss me and said “If I kiss you tonight, I want to kiss you tomorrow and the next day, not just tonight.” A week later we were officially dating.

how they asked

Carson had planned for us to go on a small hike with our puppy, Chip, to watch the sunset. Once we arrived, I realized it was actually the same park where we had our first date. Carson had a specific spot picked out where he thought we would have the best views of the sunset and lead the way there. Little did I know, Carson had actually raked the path we were walking on into existence a few days before so that I wouldn’t have any trouble walking to the sunset spot.

We got there with plenty of time before sunset and as I was soaking in the beautiful views Carson said “Lex I think something got caught on Chip’s collar on the way down” so naturally I ran over to make sure our puppy was okay and on his collar I found a heart shaped dog tag that said, “Mommy will you marry my Daddy” I gasped and turned around to find Carson down on one knee and with tears of joy already streaming down my face I ran over to him. He started giving me a beautiful speech about how the first day he met me he told his roommate “I’m going to date that girl” but at that point I pretty much blacked out until the moment he finally asked, “Will you marry me?” and at that point I felt like I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough. Then he opened up the ring box to reveal the most gorgeous diamond ring I had ever seen and the only thing I could say was “Oh My God! Is that for ME!?”

After I calmed down a bit from all of the excitement he informed me that three of our friends were hiding in the mountains taking pictures of the entire proposal.

It was the best day ever.

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