Lexi and Brett

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How We Met

Who would have ever thought that downloading an app off of Facebook would ever lead you to your soul mate?! Well, that is exactly what happened with Brett and I. While the dating app was a knock off of tinder, everything worked the same. We both swiped right on each other, even though I was a little hesitant that he was a golfer (I thought OMG this guy will probably be boring and we will have nothing in common!). As I was sitting in my Assessment course for nursing school, I get a message from him, with just some small talk. Come to find out he was all the way across the state (I went to school at UMSL and he went to UMKC.) With the constant messaging back and forth, I found out that I was really interested in him and by a long shot threw out the idea of him making the trip across state to come meet me, and HE TOTALLY WENT FOR IT!

While waiting for him to arrive that night, some crazy thoughts were running through my mind. What if he lied about his age and he is some old man? What if he is a serial killer? I mean I totally invited a stranger to my house, but it was too late to turn back now. As I open the door, I was greeted by a shy, young, handsome man who was just as nervous as I was. I think he barely spoke a sentence before my giddiness took over and I kissed him. I eventually invited him inside and we talked for hours, and for the first time in my life I was sad to watch a man that I met just a few hours ago, walk out of my house. The sparks continued to fly and here we are, over three years and one dog later.

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how they asked

Little did I know, this proposal would be 10 months long. It started on my 21st birthday (which is also Valentine’s Day) when I woke up to a letter and a rose (the national flower of St. Lucia). I quickly open the letter to find a set of instructions that say a surprise is waiting for me. The letter said nothing about when or where the surprise would be, but that I was to figure it out from a set of clues, each coming at the time of Brett’s choosing. He knows I am one of the most impatient people in the world, but he always assured me it would be worth the wait. So, with only one clue, my mind was going crazy trying to think of what was going to happen! I waited patiently (or impatiently) for the next clue, which felt like it would never come.

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One of the reasons we are perfect for each other is our mutual love for hockey and the St. Louis Blues. I should’ve known he would find some way to incorporate hockey and the blues into this surprise. As we were getting ready to go to a St. Louis Blues hockey game, the next clue fell out of my jersey (the colors of a St. Louis Blues jersey match the colors of the St. Lucia Flag). Well a jersey and a rose do not exactly go hand in hand, so I was stumped. Not putting too much thought to it, I go through the weeks and wonder when the next clue would appear. In April, we took a trip to Chicago for a getaway weekend and he gave me the next clue as we were standing in the skybox of Willis Tower (St. Lucia is known for the majestic, and tall, Pitons). That was the clue, the height of the tower. Are you kidding me? The clues were not going together whatsoever.

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Each month it seemed that I would receive another clue: Tiffany&Co sunglasses, a Lululemon outfit, a beach bag, tropical scented lotions, Chanel perfume, sandals, and finally a passport holder. I finally started catching on and figured that we were going on a trip out of the country, but I didn’t know when or where. I graduated the next Saturday with my Bachelors degree in Nursing and my family threw me a party, where he presented me with my final clue. As I open it up and read about the time we have shared together, at the bottom was a confirmation code for Delta Airlines. I was shocked when I realized we would be our way to St. Lucia in less than 12 hours. I rushed home to find my suitcase already packed for me, and on our way to the airport we went.

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I figured that the clues were finally over and that the vacation in St. Lucia was my surprise. Little did I know, the surprise was not over. Two days went by in St. Lucia as we took a tour of the island and relaxed on the beach. On the third day he told me that he had made plans for dinner and I should be ready at 5:30. As we walked out to the hallway he lead me down the stairs that went to the beach instead of towards the restaurant. I started to wonder what he had planned out, because he is one crazy planner. He led me to the beach where there was a small table set up with flowers, candles, and a small box. As we walked up to the table he told me he had one more clue.

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As I opened the box, I saw a necklace with the initial of my first and middle name, but with his last initial. I started to cry as he started talking about all of the good times we have shared together, and how he hopes that I will continue to make him the happiest man in the world for the rest of our lives.

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He would eventually go down on one knee and ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, and of course I SAID YES!

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He even remembered everything on the “Must Do Before Proposing” list I gave him long ago. And to top off the most perfect night, there was a private candlelight dinner for two on the beach. I can’t imagine traveling the world with anyone else by my side. I am overjoyed and excited to start the next step in our life. I cannot wait to become his wife.

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I want to give a huge thanks to Sandals Grande St. Lucian and their wedding staff, who helped plan the proposal. I would also like to thank Allen, our photographer who took some of the amazing photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We had such an amazing time in St. Lucia and the Sandals employees made it even better.

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