Lexi and Bill

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Positano, Italy

How We Met

Bill and I met when I was interning in a sales/marketing role in college and he had just gotten hired on full time. Bill was younger in age than most and the one cutie that sat on the other side of the office but was always willing to help answer questions when I had them! He asked me out on our first date to mini-golf, and after we finished he wanted to keep the date going so we went and saw a movie together.

How They Asked

While we were vacationing in Positano for my birthday, I really wanted to capture photos of Bill and I because while he is the camera magician, he’s always behind the lens.. I really wanted to capture our memories together to look back on and remember the beauty of this town so we decided to have photos done together. I was SO excited to have photos with Bill!

Proposal Ideas Positano, Italy

About halfway through the shoot and after going back to the same spot twice (because the beach was so busy that day), I finally let my guard down and thought “ok just relax!” At that exact moment, Bill’s voice got quiet and he hugged me so close I realized: THIS IS HAPPENING!! 5 and a half years later and cheers to forever!!!