Lexi and Ben

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How We Met

I was at my sister’s Bachelorette party in Montauk and we went out to a bar at night to celebrate. My sister saw some friends at the bar and introduced me. Ben, my fiance, came up to me right away to introduce himself. It was a really chilly night so he gave me his sweatshirt to wear at the bar, after just a few minutes of meeting eachother. After the weekend, he asked for my number and asked me out on a dinner date. We were an hour and a half away, and he drove all the way to my house to pick me up and take me to dinner nearby. We learned so much about eachother, laughed a ton, and even got rained on sitting outside, but that didn’t stop us from having the best first date. Ben, who went back to his hometown in Florida, came back to New York a few weeks later to visit me. From there on out, we fell in love and have been together since.

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How They Asked

On a Thursday afternoon, I was working from home in our apartment. Ben was on a “work trip” in North Carolina. He threw me off so much that he texted me “boarding”, and “landing”, and sent pictures of NC. My day was packed with work calls, which I hadn’t known at the time we were all fake. At 4:27 pm, Ben texted me, “Hi love, can you please grab the package outside our front door? I love you :)”

Image 2 of Lexi and Ben

I opened our door to get the package to a dozen of white roses, a photo frame of us, and note #1 that read, “On this adventure that has just begun, this treasure you seek is just one. Pack a bag for a one-night stay, you’re about to become a fiancé”. I sat on the floor for 7 full minutes with my jaw dropped and my hands on my head. No one was around me, and no one was answering my text messages. I couldn’t believe it. I went back into my apartment, and a few seconds later there was a knock on my door. I open the door to my sister screaming with happiness. We jumped around together and we both cried. She proceeded to tell me I had 40 minutes to get ready. The excitement was surreal. I did my hair and makeup and picked out an outfit to wear for my engagement.

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I then walked to the front of our building, to a car service ready to pick me up for my journey, with my sister videotaping me along the way. When the driver opened the door, there were another dozen of white roses, another photo framed of us, and note #2 that read, “Before you reach your final prize, your valet must take you on this ride. this lovely room is not very far, can you guess it while in the car?” I guessed one of our favorite spots where we spent a lot of time in our early dating stages, the Edition Bar in Nomad.

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We pulled up to the Edition, and I immediately walked upstairs to the bar. At the bar were another dozen white roses, another photo framed of us, and note #3 that read, “Your journey continues, memories made for a wonderful life. Hurry back to your driver, I cannot wait for you to be my wife.”

I walked back to the car and opened the door to another dozen of white roses, another photo framed of us, and note #4 that read, “The place to go is known for its view, with drinks that sparkle and skies that are blue. You tried not to let your nerves show, do you know where you’re about to go.” I knew right away that we were going to Westlight at the William Vale Hotel, which was where we fell in love. I couldn’t even hold in my feelings, so much so that he saw how nervous I was the first time we went there.

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I walk up to Westlight, and you guessed it. Another dozen white roses, another picture frame, and note #5, one step closer to becoming a fiancé. “We made it to Westlight, your next step is clear, a message awaits, have no fear. In the room with numbers so grand, take in the moment as I put a ring on your beautiful hand. room 2124” with a room key in the note.

I walk to room 2124, to a beautifully decorated entrance to the room filled with light-up balloons, a dozen of white roses, another picture frame, and another note. At this point, I knew this had to be the last note until I saw Ben.

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Note #6 read, “As we start a new chapter, in our love, I wanted to give you a sweet surprise from above. On one of our first dates, we stayed at the William Vale, and now we’re here to make an important tale. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face and to make you mine in this special place. So take a deep breath, and open the door, there’s no turning back, let’s start forever more.”

I opened the door, to tons of bouquets of roses, candles, light-up balloons, picture frames, rose petals, and my favorite song, Waikiki, blasting. I walked to the balcony, where the music was coming from, to see Ben standing there in front of a beautiful skyline view of NYC overlooking the Hudson River holding a bouquet of white roses, note #7, and a big blue box. The moment was magical and surreal. He gave me my note, which was extremely significant and personal to our relationship. It meant everything to me.

When I was done reading the final note, he proceeded to tell me how excited he was to spend the rest of our lives together. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, the answer was YES!

We kissed, hugged, screamed, laughed and cried. I feel like the luckiest girl to not only have had the most dreamy proposal but most importantly to be marrying my dream person.

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