Lexi and Andrew

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How We Met: On April 3, 2012 I met Andrew. We were on spring break in St. George and our best friends had recently become neighbors so they arranged for all of us to meet and hang out. The night I met him I instantly thought he was SO cute. We all hit it off so we hung out the next night also. Then when we returned to Salt Lake, Andrew asked me out on a date. I fell so hard so fast.

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I was very nervous though, because I knew his LDS mission was coming up and I’d have to say goodbye to him for 2 YEARS! Well, September came, the last few weeks before he left we were together as much as we could possibly be. Then on September 26, 2012, he left for 2 years to serve the people of Puebla, Mexico. Wow, that was the hardest goodbye, and a hard two years, BUT those two years strengthened our relationship so much! He returned on September 21, 2014, and seriously it was the BEST DAY EVER. (besides when he proposed!) That is the picture below where I’m in a pink shirt smiling ear-to-ear. We have been pretty much inseparable ever since. He is the best thing that ever happened to me!

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how they asked: I was packed & ready to go on my humanitarian trip for two months. I said goodbye to everyone, cried my make up off, and got in the car with my mom to head to the airport to meet my dad who was getting in from a business trip to head back out to take me there. My mom dropped me off curbside with my huge luggage to go park then was going to come back to meet me in the same spot to wait with me until my dad got there. After waiting some time I started calling my mom because she was taking so long. She finally answered saying “sorry I took a wrong turn but I’m parking now, be there soon.” Shortly after, a guy working for the airport, came up to me, asked if I was Lexi Gordon and told me my mom was over at the international terminal. As I walked up, there was a limo by the entrance that I initially paid no attention to at first, then the airport guy pointed to the limo as I was about to walk inside. I look and the sign says “Lexi Gordon.” This darling old man, limousine driver, tried to get me to go with him and kept saying he had “strict instructions to pick me up.” After about 5 minutes of arguing the fact that I’m supposed to be flying out and not leaving the airport, I told him I’d call my mom to confirm that I was supposed to stay at the airport. I called like 8 times and no answer, so I started to think I was supposed to go with him for some reason, so I gave up arguing and gave into getting in the limo. I WAS SO CONFUSED AT THIS POINT. Once the car was going I was thinking “is my family doing a last minute surprise dinner before I leave?” or “is this a test my dad set up to see how well I’d survive with strangers in Costa Rica and I just failed miserably.”
I was so stressed, I was calling everyone in my family and Andrew so the driver finally said “to put you at ease Andrew told me to get you.” [Duh why did I not KNOW at this point what was happening?!] I was thinking “why would he do that when my flight is in like an hour and a half?” Then when Andrew still wouldn’t answer his phone, I thought “what if someone told him to say that? And we’re really not going to meet him?”

After I had been in the car for a while, I decided to look in these shopping bags that were in there, out of curiosity. Inside the bags was an outfit, shoes in my size, and a make-up bag. The driver didn’t know anything about it so after contemplating a little while, I decided to just put on the stuff anyways just in case I was supposed to. I kept all the tags on in case I wasn’t supposed to have put them on.

We pulled up to a cul de sac and as the driver pulled around I saw Andrew standing in front of this look out spot with rose petals and candles (it looked like a bachelor finale episode.) As soon as I got out of the limo I could hear our song “God Gave Me You.” I walked up to him and he told me my flight wasn’t that night and it was all a set up! He assured me, my mom picked out the outfit and I was supposed to wear it. Then following that he said the sweetest words followed by “Lexi, will you marry me?”

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As I ecstatically said “yes” many times, I looked at the ring that he had picked out without any of my help and I didn’t even know he had looked at rings at all yet. The ring is PERFECT, this man has great taste! We got back into the limo and went to “the ocean” which has been our spot since before his mission.

After that, we went to the Cheesecake Factory (and to my surprise again) our families were both there on one big table and cheering as we walked in. As I was sitting there still processing what’s just happened, still in total excitement, someone hugged me from behind with a big squeal, I turned and Shauntay and Brigham are standing there! They drove from North Dakota to be there. What a cherry on top the best and biggest proposal surprise.

Later on, at dinner, Andrew said “I have one more surprise. I know you can’t take the diamond ring to Costa Rica with you, so I got you something you can take with you…” He pulled out a Tiffany&Co box, and with shock that he had ANOTHER surprise for me, I opened it to find a thin silver band that has “I love you” engraved on it.

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He is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. I still am in shock that perfect night was real!!! I’M SO IN LOVE.

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