Lexi and Alex

how we met

Lexi: So, Alex and I have technically known each other since junior high school. I always thought he was cute but I was always too shy to go and talk to him, even when we “dated” for a week in 7th grade. It wasn’t until sophomore year in high school that I had started to take notice of him. We never really spoke or saw each other until one day I saw him everywhere! I saw him in the hallways, in class, out at lunch (I say it was at panda express but he claims it was McDonald’s), and even outside of school. It took me by surprise when I got a text from him that day! After that, the rest is history.

Alex: We met in junior high school. We “dated” in 7th grade for a few days and then didn’t really talk to each other until sophomore year in high school when we had sociology together. One day, at McDonald’s, (not Panda Express) I saw Alexis, she looked drop dead gorgeous, and just felt like I needed to talk to her. We dated for a few years in high school until I moved to Missouri to play baseball in college. A year later we moved to St. Louis together where we lived for a year before spontaneously deciding to move back home while we were on vacation for Alexis’s birthday.

how they asked

Alex: I’d been preparing to find a ring for about a year. Alexis and I knew we were going to get married but decided it would be after we were both out of college. I had been browsing rings just to get an idea of what I wanted and just decided one morning to finally order. Now came the hard part. I had to get a plan. Her birthday was in a few weeks so I wanted to do something around that time and had a few ideas. I talked to all of her friends to help me plan what to do. I couldn’t have pulled this all off without them, especially with all the nerves I had on the days leading up to the proposal. Luckily no one, especially me, slipped up in the two weeks between the order and proposal and said anything.

I had finally settled on a plan. While we were in St. Louis, I worked for a wedding videography company called Tower Studios. They recently expanded to Nashville and I told Alexis that they were looking at expanding to Denver too. Because of this, they needed some photos to add to their portfolio and website to showcase some mountain/ prairie scenery and we were the only two people they knew in the area. This part of the plan even came with a forged email from Tower (sorry to my former boss Andrew) asking for our help. We set the date with our photographer Megan for the day before Alexis’s birthday. Luckily, we had the perfect location as well, her grandparent’s cabin. Now all I had to do was wait for the ring. Unfortunately, with an already short timeframe, there were problems with the jeweler and we had to push back the photos to the day of her birthday with the ring coming in on the same day. After missing the delivery, I had to track down the driver before he headed back to the distribution center an hour away. This all happened an hour before dinner, and a few hours before the photos. Thankfully everything came together and we made it to the cabin on time. I had planned to walk up to the ridge where we hiked together the first time I had ever been to the cabin. I had to hide the ring box in my sock the whole hike up.

When we finally made it to the ridge, I told Alexis I had an idea for a photo where she turns around and I was on the other side of her facing the camera. As she was turned around, our friends held up signs that said “Turn Around”, she did, and I was on a knee. Even though she didn’t think it was real at first, she eventually said yes.

Lexi: About two weeks before the proposal Alex had texted me that he got an email from his former wedding videographer boss Andrew. The email was stating that their business was expanding out towards Denver and they needed a couple to pose in the scenery. I of course was excited to get professional pictures taken of Alex and I so I agreed! In order to get ready for the pictures I got a new dress, got my nails done, and had my mother do a beautiful hairstyle to top it all off. Originally the pictures were supposed to take place the day before my birthday, but things changed and it was going to be the day of! The setting was at my grandparent’s cabin “Fawn Ridge”. Alex then convinced me to invite my friends so we could all spend time at the cabin together. We took a few pictures by the cabin and then headed up the ridge to take the rest.

Alex then suggested we take a picture with him looking over the ridge and I would face the camera, then we switched. I was looking out over the ridge and I heard “what are your friends doing?” I looked over and I saw my friends holding signs that said turn around. At that time my heart skipped a beat and when I slowly turned around Alex was on his knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! I was so shocked it took me at least a minute to finally say yes and run into my new fiancé’s arms!

Special Thanks

Megan Lee Photography
 | photographer