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I was a senior in high school and I was in personal financing which I kept putting off each semester until I couldn’t put it off anymore and it had to be done. It was a class full of freshman, and I thought it was just going to be great because it was said to be an easy A. I remember sitting down on the first day thinking, the kid in the red hoodie was super hyper but had pretty teeth. He was the row in front of me and kept turning around to talk. The class was assigned partners for some activity we had to complete and our teacher put us together. I don’t know what was said or done but every day after that we seemed to pick each other voluntarily. Since it was the start of school, that meant it was football season, after one of the first games, I sent a GROUP MESSAGE, to a few of my friends, Grant included, saying “good game”. He claims it was sent individually but I will always remind him it was before iPhones which means you could send to whomever you wanted and it would come up as a single text. Anyways, his locker was directly behind mine in the hallway and he would always put a note in the top of it. We would write back and forth every day and he would walk me to the elementary hallway where I was a classroom helper. Passing teachers and friends along the way, they would ask if we liked each other and it was always a laugh from us.

Lexa and Grant's Engagement in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

“No we’re just friends”, was our motto and we were sticking to it. I didn’t like him, he was a freshman I mean come on, I would be in college in a few months and he had years to go in high school still… I never hung out with him outside of school alone, I would bring friends with me every time and we would meet up in big groups so it continued to be “nothing” in our minds. The year wrapped up with me asking him to prom, him coming to graduation and hangouts carrying over into the summer and eventually moving me into my dorm at The University of Findlay. Still, we were just friends until he asked if I wanted to go back to homecoming with him, I said I wasn’t even his girlfriend. Babysitting for friends he told me to get one of them milk and on the jug, of course, a written note, “will you be my girlfriend?” A good laugh and finally a commitment to actually liking each other, we’ve been together ever since. We finished his high school attending way too many school dances, tons of football, basketball and baseball games and once graduated from high school, we got to spend a year together at The University of Findlay where he is now in his final year of classes and football.

Lexa's Proposal in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

how they asked

Lexa had been in Tennessee with her extended family of 30 people for the week while her boyfriend, Grant, had to stay back in Ohio due to an internship. Her whole family attended The Hatfields and McCoys Dinner Theater and The Comedy Barn. At both shows, they had gotten someone in the family up on stage. So the joke started that every show the whole family attends, someone out of the family needed to get picked to go on stage. On Saturday, the girl cousins got dressed up to do a photo shoot and go out to eat for lunch before their last show….which was nothing out of the ordinary. They met up with the rest of the family at the Smoky Mountain Opry Theater to watch Magic Beyond Belief.

During the show, Lexa was chosen to go on stage to be a princess for the Beauty and the Beast part of the show. They danced and sang, incorporating magic tricks while she sat in a chair off to the side watching. When the music stopped, the magician, Darren Romeo, asked if she could close her eyes and pretend she was a little girl again, dreaming of the biggest wish she could think of that she wanted to come true. When he told her to open her eyes he said, “You’re not a little girl anymore, watch this!” and when he clapped his hands, Grant came around the corner and its magic from there!

The emotions overwhelmed Lexa as she was completely shocked to see him in Tennessee! When she looked out to the family they were holding up signs that spelled out CONGRATULATIONS. Walking off stage, she was greeted with hugs and more tears of joy! The couple became friends in high school when Lexa was a Senior and Grant was a Freshman. The following year they officially started dating. Since then, 6 years have passed and Lexa has graduated from college and has been teaching for two years. Grant is in his Senior year of college and decided it was the perfect time for a magical proposal!!

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