Levy and Leon's Fairytale

how we met

Like many young people, we met at a friends’ gathering party, but we were from two places high schools. He was wearing a pink jacket, and I had long hair (cute and adorable, ha~). I knew he was shy but still trying to make himself stand out, like watching me and singing a love song (actually he is not good at singing). He kept looking at me all the time and I purposely didn’t notice that. From that time, I knew he had a special affection for me. (I knew I grasp the initiative). After two weeks, we were in love. Then he tells me he loves me at the first sight. (I feel like I win the world).

After graduation we were still working and living in different cities. He is a designer, working in a domestic famous film producer company. I love his creativity and insist. I was a project coordinator, he didn’t like I was always asking for plan of anything. We are complemented to each other. We could be called weekend lovers, because we could only met each other at the weekend, but we contact everyday.

how they asked

After 5 years’ long-distance relationship, I knew he was going to propose. I always know what he is going to do. But I don’t know if it was on that day. I got my car license on Sep 10, 2015. He asked my best friends to have dinner with me in a popular bar to celebrate my pass to get the license. When I arrived there, I also saw his best friends with my best friends, then I knew from their smile something must happen. I started to search for him in the bar, he must be around. Look what I found in a bar? I saw a bear doll (human size) walking around people, providing the tissue to customers in the bar. With no doubt, it was him, since that bear is a leading actor of the cartoon, his company produced. (normal speaking: who will invite a bear to serve in a bar?)

When we were chatting with friends and having drinks, he came to me slowly and carefully. After that he said he was sweating. He hid the ring in the tissue box, and handed to me and asked me to open it. Then I listened and found the ring, I was a little disappointed, because the diamond is not big enough. But I forgave him because it’s a beautiful flower shape ring I have ever mentioned. I gave him eye contact that I already knew it’s you. He took off the headgear and he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I clearly remembered that I was stuck and asked him why. Indeed, I don’t remember what reasons are, but I just enjoy he saying that. At that time, we are surrounded by people in the bar, they shout to me “say yes, say yes”, and I did. (Haha~) He stands up and sweat off his face. Because it was summer time, wearing such a big and heavy bear, not easy. His friends told he start to work on this from the morning. Oh, I forget the flowers, he never gave me flowers even though he knew I love roses. But that night, it was a huge bunch of 99 flowers, 99 in Chinese means forever.

the fairytale wedding

Next year, we had our wedding party. I remember it was highly customized wedding for me, all the wedding decoration is designed by him. Our portrait sketched by him displayed in the reception.

A merry-go-round shows, A castle background, like we are princess and prince. I think most of the girls had dreamed of this, and he helps me to make it happen. And thanks for everything he did to me!