Lettie and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met in Philadelphia at a bar called Fido. Never in my life did I think I would meet the love of my life in a bar (cue Rihanna’s we found love in a hopeless place). My roommate that I had known for 2 weeks was new to the Philadelphia area and wanted to go out and show her boyfriend at the time around. When she asked me to join them, I with some hesitation said “okay, why not.” to being their 3rd wheel that night. After a few drinks here and there, we decided that we wanted to go dancing. When I walked through the door at Fido, I instantly made eye contact with Ben. The entire night we couldn’t stop looking at each other but neither of us had the guts to do anything about it. I finally asked my roommate if she thought he was cute (always gotta ask the girlfriend ya know?) and she replied “Yes! Lettie go talk to him.” I instantly froze, got nervous and shook my head. My roommate without hesitation immediately walked over to Ben, struck up a conversation and then called me over and said: “this is my roommate Lettie.” Turns out Ben was at the bar waiting for a friend to finish talking to a girl because the rest of his friend group had already moved onto another bar. It took Ben a few tries to get my name right with the loud bar music but after he did the rest is history!

how they asked

Ben and I planned a 2 week trip to Europe and our 2 stops were Florence, Italy and Paris, France. We had planned and saved for this trip for a year so I was extremely excited that the time to go was finally here! Florence has always had a special place in my heart because I studied abroad there 7 years ago. Before we left for our trip we wrote out a small itinerary and first on our list was Piazza Michelangelo (my favorite spot). When we arrived in Florence Ben told me that he made reservations at a fancy restaurant for brunch and that the restaurant did not allow athletic wear attire. Knowing me this is what I would have worn because you have to hike up a giant hill to get there! The morning of the proposal I woke up, put on my outfit and was ready to go. I had no idea what was coming. When we got to the top of the hill, Ben and I walked around and took some pictures.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Florence, Italy

Ben asked if he could ask someone to get one of the two of us. There was a bunch of other people around with cameras. Ben walked over to a random lady and asked if she could help us out. She said, “of course!” And proceeded to take some pictures on Ben’s iPhone. On the last picture, she suggested that we do something cute (here I was thinking- oh this will be great for Instagram). I turned to look at the city and when I turned around Ben was down on one knee.

This was the best moment of my life! I said yes to marrying my best friend. It turned out that the “random lady” was a photographer that Ben hired to capture the entire proposal! What a dream come true!

Special Thanks

 | Photographer