Love Letter Proposal: Lindsey and Evan

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How we met: Lindsey and I met through my sister, Anna. They lived together in Scotland for three years at the YWAM base in Paisley. We had been introduced over skype, but did not know each other. When my sister moved home, Lindsey moved back to her hometown in Washington. My sister was getting married and we officially met when she attended my the wedding. We met and noticed right away that we connected very well. We sang a duet for my sister’s wedding and we blended so well together. But, we were dating other people at the time. Those relationships ended and we began talking long distance. We grew a great friendship over text, email, skype, etc. We knew for a fact that there was something much more than just a friendship that was growing. It wasn’t until she took her trip through the States and stopped in Missouri that we began dating. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to marry her.

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How I Asked: So, Lindsey thought she was going to craft night with my sister, Jil, but little did she know that she was about to get ambushed. Jil distracted her by having her look up directions in her phone while my crew and prepared for her arrival. They pulled into Andy’s Frozen Custard (one of our absolute favorite date spots) and she was completely caught off guard. I led her to the lamp that I made for her birthday back in December. The lamp acts like a mailbox for love letters. Every time there’s a new letter in the bottom, I’d flip on the light. So, I stole the lamp from her bedroom and brought it to Andy’s.

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Once she arrived, she read the letter and was completely overwhelmed. Afterwards, we went to my parents house to celebrate with friends and family. Little did she know, her parents came into town a day early for the event. This was the icing on top of the cake as we got to celebrate our proposal with her parents and my family. A day not to be forgotten.

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Photos by Taylor High // Video by Pfaff Films and Sam Sweet