Leticia and Scotty

How We Met

Scotty and I met on a dating app called Bumble, in the Beehive state, Utah. Our first date where we met face to face was at a local restaurant called the Beehive Grill. I had just moved to Utah from Texas to start an internship and did not know a single person in Utah. After a couple of days of solitude I decided to download one of those dating apps to branch out and meet people. I never in a million years imagined I would find my other half through a dating app. It took a few swipes to find Scotty, his profile was filled with travel photographs and silly poses next to buffaloes. He seemed like the perfect guy. At our first meeting, we had a quick brunch where we talked about our travel plans and how we wanted to change the world. After he dropped me off I thought about how I needed to see him again. Here are some snippets of my diary entries to summarize our relationship: 1/18/16 “Yesterday I had a quick brunch with a man named Scotty.

I surprisingly had a great time and am meeting him for dinner on Tuesday”. 2/1/16 “I am […] developing feelings for Scotty. This makes me excited, yet nervous.” 2/2/16 “I went to the movies with Scotty […] From the start I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go… but Scotty convinced me. There is something different about this one, and it’s hard to explain but I can feel it in my bones […] we’ll see where this goes…I am very happy though.” 2/14/16 “Earlier that day, at the sleigh ride, a woman mentioned to us that we were a cute couples. After an awkward exchange when she asked if I was his fiancee, she told him I was beautiful and to never let go of me. I hope he doesn’t.” 3/3/16 “I hope this isn’t too soon of me to say but I really want to marry this man […] a week ago he took me to a cave in the mountains and told me he loved me. Honestly, I’m just hoping and praying things go well because he’s all I’ve ever wanted in a husband and I could see myself sharing the rest of my life with him”. 4/17/16 “I feel very lucky to be with such a wonderful man”. 11/15/16 “Scotty and I have been talking details about our wedding. I wonder when he will propose and how. I hope it’s soon!”

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3/11/17 “Scotty is AMAZING. Last night he surprised me with a spa night where I got my manicure done and waxing! Today he is taking me out for a surprise date. We are taking a little hike. He says we have gone here. We are going to take pictures. He has a DSLR so I’m kinda nervous because I want my make up looking alright. Then we are going to a mystery restaurant! At first he told me we would go to Le None’s, which has awesome King Lobster raviolis but he changed his mind last minute. I’m still craving raviolis though”. The Proposal: Scotty picked me up after work for our surprise date. He told me to wear comfortable shoes for our hike. The hike led to a mound on a mountain covered with flower petals leading up to a picture of us.

Proposal Ideas Logan, UT

He led me to the top of the mound and we talked about our love. Behind him in the distance I heard a sound similar to that of a helicopter. I look behind him and see a drone flying towards us. Scotty smiled at me and walked towards it. He grabs a pair of scissors from his pocket and reaches for a drone. My ring was tied on a string on the drone and Scotty grabbed it. He walked towards me and did the thing!

Leticia and Scotty's Engagement in Logan, UT

So happy together!

We ended up going to a steakhouse afterwards to eat. They didn’t have raviolis but it was still perfect!

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