Lesya and Oleg

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cousin's backyard forest

How We Met

We first meet on May 25, 2015 on Memorial Day at Lewisville Park located in Battle Ground, Washington. It was a church youth gathering celebrating the day off. It would be until January 2016 when I would give her a hand made box at the New Year’s party. Inside the box I prepared her a small gift and a card asking if she would allow me to get to know her. After she gave me here email and phone number and we started communicating the rest was history.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Cousin's backyard forest

Lesya's Proposal in Cousin's backyard forest

how they asked

The proposal had to be the most amazing, most spectacular, and nothing the world has ever seen or dreamed off. The proposal was set at her cousins backyard. Easier said than done as the place was a forest growing with thorny bushes and ivy. Over a process of a month, the landscape was transformed into something beyond special.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cousin's backyard forest

The trees were wrapped with clear Christmas lights, clear Christmas icicle where between trees, and a pathway was made leading up to the proposal site. To add extra romance, a total of 120 mason jars were hanged above and close to 400 votive candles lined the heart on the ground.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cousin's backyard forest

The entire proposal site had over 500 burning flames to add a twinkle in the night. A sweetheart table was set up in the heart with a blue linen and a gold sequin runner. Two 5 arm taper candle holders were set on the table and my mom’s heart made cake was the center piece.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cousin's backyard forest

Lesya and Oleg's Engagement in Cousin's backyard forest

Lesya was told that she would be having a tea party at the cousins house and to dress fancy. When everything was lit and ready, she was lead outside on the porch. She saw me waiting and went towards me. I guided her through the pathway to the forest and told her to close her eyes. I guided her through the path of candle light and told her to open her eyes. Her reaction in the video showed her shock. I lead her into the heart and got on one knee and popped the question to which she said yes.

Proposal Ideas Cousin's backyard forest

After her friends congratulated her, she was given a necklace. I told her that a ring is good, but there is something in addition to is required. The surprises didn’t stop, as we than proceeded to a cake cutting ceremony and having dinner with the ambiance of candle light.

Why Blue and Gold? These are the colors we always wanted for our wedding. It is the stepping stone to our wedding.

Why Candles and all of this? Our first major event was a candle lit picnic on January 30, 2016 that sparked the spark of love. This was to take that first special event we shared together and blow it up 1000 times fold.

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