Leslie and Jonathan

How We Met

Leslie & I first met in 2010 at San Diego State University. We would pass each other on campus; giving each other subtle looks and smiles here and there, but never thought anything of it. It wasn’t until early 2014 when a night out at Bar Basic changed everything. It was that night that I realized she was going to be the one I’d marry.

how they asked

On December 16th, 2017, I told her I had made reservations for dinner at The Prado in Balboa Park. Little did she know, I had planned this night as the time to ask her to be my wife. Weeks prior, I asked a college friend of mine to document the proposal. We went back and forth with ideas of how to capture the moment. I told her close friends and family of what I planned to do and they couldn’t be any happier. Earlier in the day, I asked for her parents’ blessing and was met with tears and open arms. The night was set.

We had a memorable dinner at the Prado. They knew what my plan was and accommodated us by seating us in perfect view of my friend Jeff, who was secretly capturing video down below in the garden. As the time came closer, the more nervous I got. As dinner was almost over, her cousin texted me saying the proposal site was ready. Leslie wanted to have dessert, but I said we would get dessert elsewhere (knowing I’m in a time crunch). I think me saying no to dessert raised her suspicions.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Balboa Park, San Diego

Where to Propose in Balboa Park, San Diego

Dinner was over and I led her to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. There was a wedding nearby; Leslie came up with the great idea to crash it, I had to steer her away and lead her to the Pavilion steps. As we got closer, my heart was beating faster, as I could see rose petals and candles leading up to the lighted up gazebo. I led her through the path, and she pulled back thinking we were messing up somebody else’s proposal. I continued on to the middle of the gazebo, and with tears running through my face I took a deep breath and asked her to marry me. Needless to say, she said Yes.

I had one more surprise in store. I took her to The Nolen; which is a downtown rooftop bar in San Diego. She was caught by surprise when her family and closest friends were there to congratulate us. I took in the moment and realized it was just the beginning, and I could not wait until the day I call her my wife.

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