Leslie and Joe

How We Met

We met through mutual friends. They invited both of us to the NC State Fair. At the last minute, I almost backed out of going just minutes before because I didn’t want it to be a “dating” thing. My friend calmed my nerves and I decided to suck it up and go. I am so glad that I did!

I hesitated a lot at the beginning of our relationship. I was completely fine being on my own with my German shepherd, Luna. There have been many reminders that Joseph is “my one”. This may be a little selfish to admit, but he puts me first. He truly is the example of putting someone else’s needs before their own. This is with little things and big things. Time and time again he has surprised me and shown me his sincerity.

How They Asked

In 2017, we took a trip to the Biltmore for New Years and stayed in a cozy little cottage. We had so much fun that we decided to make it our “tradition”. So we went and stayed in the same little cottage for New Years. This year Joseph bought tickets for the Candle Light tour at the Biltmore. It was beautifully lit up at the village where we walked around, talked, and had dinner. We then went over to the House for our late night tour. Before we went inside for our tour, we took pictures out front by the front steps of the Biltmore House. Joseph got someone to take a picture as he whispered, “take a lot of pictures I’m about to propose.” So we had our picture taken and then Joseph got on one knee and asked, “will you continue to be my best friend?” I then proceeded to say, “yes, thank you”. We laughed. It ended up being a silly moment. We had a good laugh about the whole night. He barely got the ring box open he was so nervous. We had so much fun that weekend exploring Asheville and spending time together just the two of us. We had been talking about marriage since July, but he was definitely working to throw me off and in that moment, I was surprised.

Special Thanks