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How We Met

Evan and I met in school when I was in 4th grade and he was in 5th. I had just transferred to a new school and he had just gotten back from living in Africa as a missionary with his family. Evan says he remembers meeting me and liked me from the moment we met. However, it took me a few years to catch on. I knew that Evan liked me for a long time, but I did not think that he was someone worth dating. When I was in 8th grade my feelings started to change. Evan started to grow out of his immature middle school boy stage and became someone I could see myself with. We started talking nearly every day on Facebook the summer of 2011 because we didn’t have phones yet.

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When we came back to school, my freshman year, we started sitting together and talking as much as we could. Our first official date was a double date to go see Beauty and the Beast, play putt-putt and get ice cream. On January 23, 2012, he swept me off my feet, literally, outside the front door of our school and we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Four proms, two graduations and six years later, here we are. We quickly fell in love and have withstood some of life’s greatest challenges. One break up, 4 months of little communication because of mission trips, two years of long distance because of college and much more. We had the blessing of getting to grow up together and now we get to grow old together!

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how they asked

For my birthday, on December 19th, Evan got me a 31-day relationship challenge book. It said at the beginning to go ahead and start planning for the last day. The challenge for the last day was to go all out and spare no expense to celebrate your relationship. Evan told me not to worry about planning anything because he already knew exactly what he wanted to do! I knew he had something big planned all month, but he would not give me any clue about what we would be doing. Come the morning of Friday, January 19th, I woke up and when I opened my bedroom door, there was a beautiful navy-blue dressing hanging on my door.

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I tried on the dress anddddd it didn’t fit. I called my best friend and we rushed over to the mall to exchange the dress. She also wouldn’t tell me anything. *I should mention that I knew Evan was going to be proposing sometime soon, but I had completely convinced myself that it wasn’t happening while I was home for Christmas break. So, all day I knew on some level that it was happening, but I also still had no idea* I rushed back home to start getting ready for my date. All I knew was to be ready by 5:30. Evan picked me up and took me to eat at the Vintage House, the restaurant I had been begging him to take me to for literally years! Shortly before we were done eating, he mentioned seeing something on Facebook about a wine tasting over at the Mosteller Mansion. We decided to go check it out.

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At this point, I had texted one of my friends telling her it wasn’t happening, and this was just a normal date. As we pulled up to the front door I saw my two best friends and his little brother standing there. Evan jumped out of the car and ran inside, but I was frozen. My friends came and got me out of the car and started to walk me inside. And then it hit me that this was actually happening, and I broke down. I walked inside to see a spiral staircase covered in rose petals and candles. There was a picture and a note on every step.

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Each letter going up the stairs was chronologically mentioning the milestones through our 6 years together. Once I made it to the top of the stairs, crying the whole time, there was a path of rose pedals guiding me out to the balcony where Evan was standing. Both of our families and friends were standing outside below the balcony and as soon as I stepped out there they all started to sing the chorus of God Gave Me You. That had been our song since close to the beginning of our relationship. When they finished, he got down on one knee and ask me to marry him!

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All of our friends and family that were there quickly came upstairs and we exchanged many hugs and tears and took lots of pictures! I always said I wanted that to be a moment I shared with the people I love. This was a day I had dreamed of for years, but it was better than anything I had imagined!

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