Leslie and Dan

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How We Met

Dan and I met at a start up in Santa Barbara where we both worked. He was one of the first employees there, and very senior, when I started as an intern during my Senior year of college. I thought he was SO cute, but could only work up the courage to speak maybe five words to him in my first two months. On Saint Patty’s Day, my friends dragged me out to the bars downtown. I was buying a drink when my friend shook me and told me there was a cute guy staring at me from across the bar. I turned to see who it was, and it was Dan! He stumbled over and we started chatting…Four hours later and we were the last ones at the bar. We went on our first “official” date the following day, and the rest is history!

how they asked

On Saturday, Dan told me we were going to dinner to celebrate four years togethers. When I walked out of my apartment to get into what I thought was an Uber, I found a limo instead. The limo took me on a journey through our life together in SF. The first stop was the Japanese Tea Garden, representative of our past (first date) where I found my best friend waiting out front with a letter from Dan. The second stop was Ghirardelli Square, representative of our present, where I found two more of my best friends waiting with letters (and chocolate). The third and final stop was the Lyon Street Steps, overlooking my favorite part of the city, where Dan was waiting at the bottom to propose. Our families were in on the whole thing, and they were waiting at a restaurant overlooking the bay, where we spent the night celebrating!!

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Special Thanks

Jonathon Dakarai
 | Photographer