Leslie and Cameron

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Yosemite Lakes, CA

How We Met

Cameron and I met through mutual friends in college. He took me out on our first date on my 19th birthday. It was the most magical date I’ve ever been on. He took me up to a beautiful piece of land that his family owns, right on the river near Yosemite. He laid out blankets and we just sat under the stars and talked for hours.

how they asked

We now have 2 children, we didn’t want to get married because we have children together, we wanted to because we knew we were right for each other. 8 years later on my birthday, he took me up to the exact spot where we were on our first date. He set up a picnic and we roamed around for a bit. It was different now because I know this beautiful place. I’ve been there with him and our children, it was perfection. After we ate, he got down on one knee and asked if I could spend my life with him. After we got home he got down on the same knee and asked our boys to be his best men. Best day of my life thus far.

Proposal Ideas Yosemite Lakes, CA