Lesley and Rob's Apple Orchard Proposal

How We Met

Rob and I were a blind date! I’m an ER Nurse and one of the Respiratory Therapists I work with, named Christie, told me that she wanted to hook me up with one of her husband’s best friends. Of course I was hesitant at first, a blind date? Really? Argh ok what do I have to lose, right? A few weeks later Christie gave Rob my phone number and he texted me. We ended up texting that first night until 2am! With conflicting schedules we were having a hard time setting up a double date with Christie and her husband, and Rob had been out of town as well. We ended up texting each other every day for almost two weeks until finally meeting in person at Christie’s Halloween party. We stood in the kitchen the entire night and just talked and talked. He gave me a sweet kiss goodnight that night and called me the next morning. I’ve been the happiest woman on earth ever since!

how they asked

About a week prior, my best friend Katie texted me and said “hey, my husband said he can watch the kids on Monday, wanna have a girls day?” Of course I did. I told her Rob was working that day (or so I thought) and asked her if we could do something where I could bring our dog, Paisley since I didn’t want to have to rush back home to let her out or feed her dinner etc.

Katie mentioned that Snow Line in Oak Glen had wine tasting and donuts and that dogs are allowed. Oak Glen is known as a beautiful area full of orchard trees, little stores and restaurants for apple pie and hot cider. A popular place to visit during the autumn season. So obviously I told her yes – I mean wine and donuts? How could any girl say no. Perfect girls day, right?

Katie is a professional photographer so I didn’t think much of it when she asked if she could take some pics of the dog with a new camera she just purchased. Once we got up to Oak Glen (where it was very, very cold by the way), we went in and got these amazing donuts – these bite sized delicious fresh, made to order goodness with cinnamon and sugar on top. Katie makes a comment about the light disappearing and we will come back for the donuts I ordered…okay…but they told me they would only take 4 minutes to be ready (they make them fresh to order).

Katie leads me to a row of apple orchards where my dog becomes obsessed with trying to eat all the fallen old apples on the ground. So I’m stumbling trying to get her to stop eating rotten apples while trying not to spill my hot apple cider I had bought to warm up. Katie suddenly stops and starts taking photos of Paisley. Ok cool. I’m now more focused on getting the dog to pose for the camera (impossible) and I see someone walk out from behind an orchard tree down the way. I instantly recognized Rob’s plaid flannel shirt and was momentarily confused. When I realized it was really him I was like “what are YOU doing here?!” All defensive. He had even told me how his day was at work down to “just brought a patient to the ER, it’s going good”. I truly believed he was at work! He even woke up and left the house in morning at 4:30am for his commute to Pasadena. He really drove to his parent’s house and went back to bed!

Anyway, he walked over to me smiling so big. Then I knew. He said some very sweet things, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I instantly said “yes of course!” And gave him a hug and kiss and then asked him “can I wear it? Is it really mine? It’s so perfect!” He then placed my dream ring on my finger. All the while Katie is just snapping photos and our dog continued to try to eat apples.

Image 1 of Lesley and Rob

Rob walked back to the tree he was hiding behind and came back with a basket which had champagne, two glasses, the sign for Paisley saying “my humans are getting married” made by the talented Krissy, who is Katie’s sister. (Guys, she burned the lettering into the wood, so awesome) some wedding planning magazines, and my “I said yes!” iPhone case from Katie. Afterward the three of us went inside to warm up and do a little bit of wine tasting before taking our dog to my moms house since Rob said he had some more planned for us to celebrate. Meanwhile Katie would go home to upload the photos because of course the girl in me was dying to see them!

Image 2 of Lesley and Rob

Rob told me he had dinner reservations so we went downtown for a drink to kill time and just let it all sink in, I’m curiously asking all these questions “did you ask my dad?” (Yes, of course he did – took him to dinner the night before. I thought he was helping a buddy move furniture). And “how long have you had the ring?” “Who else knows?” We laughed and enjoyed each others company until it was time to go to dinner, where the next surprise was.

We walk into a Italian restaurant in Redlands and go back to our table where I find my entire family (both set of parents, step parents, my brother and sister) and Rob’s parents and some of my closest friends. Including Katie and her husband and her sister. We got to celebrate with some of the most important people in our lives! It was beyond perfect, I couldn’t have asked for a better moment, a better day.

Image 3 of Lesley and Rob

Rob and I are so blessed, so overwhelmed with the love and support from our friends and family!

Special Thanks

Katie Schoepflin
 | Photography