Lesley and Mark

How We Met

Our love story began in high school… like any other love story we have been through our ups and downs!

how they asked

10 years later on our favorite beach in Highland beach Florida Mark said let’s go on our walk on the beach at 1:30 today… I thought nothing of it and said our course let’s go!! On our regular beach walks we almost always make a left out of the condo and walk down for 30 minutes and then head back!! On march 16, 2017 Mark said Lu let’s turn right, I said OK and thought “mm, OK, change of scenery” I looked at my timer 16 minutes in and Mark was watching my every move then said how long have we been walking?

I said about 16 minutes and he said let’s turn back!! I said OK? He said we’ll make up the time coming back…. I still thought nothing of it!! 3 minutes into walking back Mark stopped me looked into my eyes and then looked up all of a sudden a plan goes back with a banner attached to it reading… I love you so much… LU WILL YOU MARRY ME!

He then got down on one knee and well I SAID YES WITH TEARS OF HAPPINESS ! I cannot wait to be his wife!! As you can see in the video.

Lesley's Proposal in Delray Beach Florida on the beach

Our Video


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