Lesley and Luis' M&M Marriage Proposal

How We Met: Luis and I met in high school and became friends. He had signed my yearbook drawing a self portrait & saying that I would be his prom date. We hung out all summer, we would go to the park, the movies, we would stay up all night on the phone talking about our hopes & dreams, & the ambitions we have.

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When summer came to an end he hadn’t had enough of me yet. We were sitting on a bench at the park on Main st. it was on a Wednesday, November 18th 2009 when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Since then it has been the best ride I could have ever got on.

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how they asked: He picked me up from my house on a Friday night, we where supposed to go out to dinner with no specific place in mind. He told me he had to stop at his apartment and shower since he had just got out of work, while at his house I was serving myself a glass of water and discussing potential dinner options.

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He then calls me over to where he was stating that he had got me some M&M’s (my favorite). I asked if they were peanut , he said yes (he lied) I walked over to where he was and the rest is history ! He special ordered M&M’S with our picture on it and the phrases “will you marry me” and “I love you” he placed the ring in the center of the M&M’s handed me the box and I just had to say YES !!!