Lesley and Jason

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Destin, FL

how they asked

Jason and I were living in Florida and had been together for about two years. Right before our big move to Denver, we decided to get both of our families together for a fun beach day in Destin, FL (our hometown) over Memorial Day weekend. Jason reserved a row of beach chairs near the water so we could all be together. This wasn’t anything unusual because Jason used to work beach rental services during college. When I arrived with my parents, he met us in the parking lot and came up with this story about how difficult parking was and offered to hop in the car with my dad to help out while my mom and I found our way down to the beach. Little did I know, he took this opportunity to ask for my dad’s permission.

After we all got settled at the beach, Jason asked if I wanted to take a double seater kayak out on the water. Jason and I both love to be out on the water and we often went paddle boarding and searching for shells and shark teeth while living in Florida, so I of course agreed to go with.

Once we got out to the sand bar, Jason put his mask on and dove into the water. The water was a bit chilly, so I opted to stay on the kayak for a few minutes before jumping in. Jason popped his head up and mentioned how many awesome shells were down there. I excitedly told him to go find some and bring them up to the kayak! So Jason dove down and swam back up the the surface holding this beautiful clam shell. When he placed it on the kayak next to where I was sitting, I thought it was still alive so I said to him, “I think there’s something in it!” As Jason opened up the clam shell, I saw the beautiful ring inside. Still treading water and fighting his nerves, he asked, “Will you marry me?”

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Destin, FL

He took me by total surprise and I was in shock for a while, but I obviously said yes and put that thing on my finger before it fell overboard. Come to find out later, Jason had attached clear fishing line to the ring and tied it to his board shorts to prevent that from happening. When we paddled into shore, there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us and we celebrated with both of our families! It still gives me butterflies thinking back to that special day and how creative Jason was!