Lesley and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I met in college when we both worked at RadioShack in Denton, TX. We both had a significant other during the year or so that we worked together, but we had a great friendly chemistry and he could always make me laugh. Fast forward a few years and he had been single for a bit, and I was recently single. He messaged me on Facebook one day asking how I had been and said we should hang out sometime, and it was history from there! The first time I saw him after all of those years, I just knew he was the one I would end up with!

how they asked

Brian, his brother, sister-in-law, mom, and I were planning to surprise his dad, Scott, with a custom photo book for his 60th birthday. So, we had a photo shoot planned with Lindsey Reynolds of Pink Hill Photography to take family pictures to put in the photo book. Brian’s sister-in-law, Kailey, coordinated the time and the place, as well as the color scheme we should all wear and I thought nothing of it. Kailey mentioned they had gotten a sign to hang up that said “Happy 60th” so when Scott walked through, we could let him in on the surprise. As we are walking through Waterloo Park and down toward the bridge to meet up with his family, Brian starts walking really slow and pulling me back to walk with him, grabbing my hand as we walked. Once we got on the bridge, Brian starts talking to me and saying “You know you’re the love of my life, and that I can’t wait to spend my life with you, right?”. Just as we made it underneath the sign, Brian drops to his knee and asked me to marry him, and amidst my tears and overwhelming emotions, I didn’t even see that the sign above me said “Marry Me?”! I was so shocked and surprised by how sweet and romantic it all was, and to be there with his family and have the moment captured by Lindsey just made it so special! True to what we were “supposed” to be at the park for, we did end up taking family pictures and Brian’s dad was so thrilled with his photo book!

Image 1 of Lesley and Brian

Image 2 of Lesley and Brian

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