Leona and Scott

How We Met

Leona and I first met at karaoke of all places! I was the KJ doing my regular show on a Wednesday night. We spoke that night but it took a few times meeting before we decided to go on a date. Our first official date was on New Year’s Eve and again I was the DJ for the party.

How They Asked

We have been together for 5 years and I felt it was time to get married. So, along with my new friend and travel agent Kristen Jones Schirmer we came up with the idea of doing it while Leona and I were on our first cruise. Once everyone watches the Facebook live video I did they will understand the rest!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Kristen Jones Schirmer
 | Travel Agent/Proposal Planner
Kristen Jones Schirmer
 | Proposal Vase