Chanelle and Leo

Where to Propose in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

How We Met

We met on my birthday (Oct 29th) in the most unsuspecting way; we both noticed at the same time a girl with toilet paper on her foot while we were in a bar! We struck up a conversation and one of the first things I said to him was “I know EXACTLY what you want Mister” with a wink. And he responded “What, are you looking for a husband?!?”. Oh the irony. We were inseparable from that day on, we really fell in love when we spent that winter going on romantic getaways to the rocky mountains just about every weekend… not to ski or snowboard, but to drink wine and charcuterie in front of the fire place…

Chanelle and Leo's Engagement in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

it was seriously like a Nicholas Sparks movie.. so why should our engagement be any different! Our love is crazy for each other. Anyone who knows us, knows that we are close to obsessed with each other and are truly best friends.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

Chanelle's Proposal in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

how they asked

It was Friday, January 20th 2017. We we’re both working from home when Leo said what a beautiful day it was; “Let’s go for a drive,” he said, “I have a fun activity for us later.” Not suspecting anything, I get in the car dressed in practically Pjs and a trench coat – thinking we we’re just out for a drive on a beautiful Friday afternoon.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

After about an hour of a gorgeous drive to the rocky mountains (Canmore) we arrive and I still am not suspecting a thing… except for maybe a beautiful walk in the mountains or maybe lunch somewhere. Instead, we arrive at “Heli tours” a helicopter landing pad! I am over the moon, I had been dying to go on a helicopter tour together. We get all set to board and I ask “are we going with a group?” and Leo coolly responds it would just be us so that we could enjoy each other’s company.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On top of a mountain in Canmore, AB

(Still have no clue at this point). After about 30 minutes of this truly breathtaking tour through the rocky mountains, the Pilot begins to land the helicopter on literally the top of a mountain. All excited I ask Leo and the Pilot “WOW! Do you normally do this!!? This is so cool!” they respond, “Yes, we will just land for a few minutes to get some pictures.”

(Still – I have no clue) It’s after the Pilot snaps a few posed photos of us and I turn to face Leo, who is on one knee, eyes filled with tears of joy. He told me 80 years of life with me was passing by him in that moment and he couldn’t wait to spend every year from now on with his best friend. Of course I said yes. I can honestly say fairy tales do come true.

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