Lenox and Nicholas

How We Met

Nick and I met on Tinder. The dating app that I believe is much more than its put out to be. My intentions were to hopefully find my special someone. I consider myself very lucky because that is exactly what happened! Of course, tinder helped Nick and I meet, but it was all the small things we had in common that linked us together.

Where to Propose in DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids MI

Lenox and Nicholas 's Engagement in DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids MI

We had our first official meet in great at our favorite restaurant right in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. It was a spur the moment decision and everything just felt so easy from the start. Little did we know we had much more in common than we thought. We knew we had to see each other again and again… we swear we crossed paths before and just never knew. Growing up in the same area and going to the same college we were destined to be together!

Lenox's Proposal in DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids MI

Proposal Ideas DeVos Performance Hall, Grand Rapids MI

How They Asked

Nick’s favorite hobby is golf which I try my best to learn and play, and mine is dance! Unfortunately, Nick never knew me at the time I was dancing. I danced ballet with a professional school in the city and also majored in dance in college along with my hospitality degree. Although Nick never saw me perform we will dance in the living room and he patiently will watch old tapes of me dancing. Every year around Christmas time I always wanted to take him to the Nutcracker ballet.

My favorite ballet I would perform. Since Nick manages a restaurant it was always hard to find the right time. One Saturday night Nick took me out to our favorite Italian restaurant and while there he dropped the surprise that we were going to go to the Nutcracker! Of course, I brought on the waterworks, I was so excited! We showed up at the performance hall and watched the most amazing performance of the ballet. The magic was filling the air and the audience gave their standing ovation. But that wasn’t the end.

After the performance, Nick managed to get us backstage. Once backstage we met some of the professional like the Sugar Plum Fairy! Nick took my hand and we walked out to the center stage of the performance hall.

The ballet wasn’t the only surprise of the night, Nick went down one knee and asked me to be his Wife!

Special Thanks

Grand Rapids Ballet Company
 | Allowing us to come backstage and help Nick plan the big surprise.