Leland and JD

How We Met

Jd and I both swiped right in November 2014. We chatted for a few days through Tinder, exchanged phone numbers, and eventually met for coffee and breakfast at a local diner. I was so nervous, before I could even sit down I chugged half of his glass of water and preceded to spill it on the front of my shirt.

how they asked

About a week or so before St. Patrick’s Day, a family member emailed the whole family asking if we wanted to go see Pat Green play at the Rustic. Of course we all replied “yes!”. My parents, who live in Alabama, were actually planning to be in town that weekend anyways. So we planned a big night, all got together for drinks and dinner beforehand, and headed to the Rustic. Looking back, JD was definitely a bit “preoccupied” that night, but I honestly didn’t notice. At one point of the night, we are all outside in front of the stage listening to Pat play, and I noticed JD wasn’t around. I texted him trying to figure out where he was, and he replied saying he ran into someone in the bathroom who invited us to come backstage to meet Pat.

So a few songs later, I met JD at the stage door and we walked back stage. We stood around, talked to some of the crew back there, and honestly I was a little put out that we weren’t spending time with our family. Next thing I knew, Pat Green walked off the stage, shook JD’s hand, and escorted us on stage. JD took the microphone, I looked like a lost puppy, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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I said yes, Pat Green serenaded us, and the whole crowd went nuts. Come to find out, I had multiple friends hiding in the audience this whole time.

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And my cousin was backstage capturing the whole thing on camera. I later found out that JD had been planning this for months (and had even been told  a few times that it wouldn’t be able to happen), but he executed it perfectly!


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