Lelaine and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met in September 2010 during bible study when my youth group (Intersection) was hosting a movie night. Our good friend, Andre, who was also our church’s worship leader at the time, invited Steven along with him to see old church friends since he just returned from being overseas (he was a Corpsman in the Navy with 1st Battalion/6th Marines). It actually wasn’t until the third time we saw each other again at a family friend’s gathering and exchanged numbers. After many text & calls, Skype messaging, Facebook messaging, and emails later we became official boyfriend and girlfriend on December 4th, 2010. Since then we have overcome many trials and joys, but through the Grace of God of learning to forgive and keep loving each other, we became not only best friends but partners in Christ to continue glorifying God.

how they asked

Saturday, May 26th, 2018. It was the night we went to see the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon as well as seeing the infamous Time Square. Steven asked me if there are any other tourist spots I would like to see in New York City, and so I suggested Grand Central Terminal. Because it was one of the locations that were filmed for the pilot episode of my all-time favorite show Gossip Girl lol. We walked from Time Square to Grand Central, and once we got there Steven got on one knee and asked those 4 words, “Will you marry me?”

Special Thanks

Our good friend, Sam Blumberg!
 | Just took the photo when he asked! :)