Leilani and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met on New Year’s Eve. All of my family was home for the holidays and all the cousins decided to go out to celebrate the new year. We brought some friends along to join in the festivities. My cousin Kaliko’s boyfriend brought some of his friends to join us. Eric was actually stationed in Georga at the time and was home in Hawaii for the holidays. After that night, not even distance could separate us. We fell in love so quickly, spending two days together before going back to Georgia, but by then, we both knew we were the one for each other. After a few months of long distance, Eric was blessed to be stationed back home at Hickam Airforce Base. Almost three years later, we couldn’t be happier to be announcing our engagement!

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how they asked

After finding amazing flight deals to Europe Eric and I found ourselves heading on a dream vacation. We started in Barcelona, explored Paris and then found ourselves in Venice, Italy. After checking into our hotel, Eric informed me that we had reservations at 8 pm at a fine dining restaurant. He said he will be wearing a suit and to wear something nice. I knew Eric was excited about dining in Italy because he was born in Italy and loves Italian food, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise that he already looked into it. We walked over to the restaurant which was about 25 minutes away. I was not too pleased with this being that wearing heels walking on the cobblestone streets of Venice is not fun. We got to our destination, and Eric told me to wait in the lobby as he checked us in. As he went to the front I noticed a restaurant at the bottom and assumed this was where we would be going. After a few minutes, a lady escorted the two of us upstairs. At this point, I thought with a little confusion, that there may be rooftop dining as well. As soon as we turned the corner, I could see the most romantic room of my dreams, which I later found out was an old Venitian palace. At this moment, I immediately knew. The tears were flowing my face as Eric walked me to the center of the heart. I could hear clicks of a camera coming from the corner of the room. He expressed his love for me and desires of our future. He said, “Italy is a special place for me, it is where I started my life, and where I would like to start my new life with you.” I was so overjoyed with emotion as I said YES! We can’t wait to begin our next step of this amazing journey.

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