Leighton and Matthew

How We Met

Matthew and I started dating on July 1, 2013 right after we graduated high school. Having attended rival schools 20 minutes apart, we knew of each other and were friends on social media. One day in June Matthew randomly tweeted me and asked me if I had seen the new Snapchat update. I responded and he ended up telling me to add him and the rest was history.

A lot has happened over the last 4 1/2 years, most importantly getting our miniature long-haired dachshund, Cooper, who has us both wrapped around his little paw.

how they asked

On Friday night we had plans to go out to eat for our friends birthday, and then Saturday I had a bridal shower for another friend. I am her MOH so naturally I would need to be there to help get things set up. She told us her mom wanted everything done on Friday so her bridal party was going to meet at her house at 4:30 and decorate before we met the rest of our friends to eat. I was the first one there, which isn’t abnormal because I’m always early. When I walked in her house her mom told me she was out back, and when I opened the door I saw her standing there with a camera and immediately knew what was happening. As I turned the corner I saw Matthew standing beside a beautifully decorated tree that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Gadsden, AL

Of course I started ugly crying, and when I walked over to him he said something I can’t even remember because I was so in shock; something along the lines of how sorry he was that it took him so long. He got down on one knee and finally I shouted “well put it on my finger!” and he said “you have to say yes first” (he must not have heard me the first time because I definitely had already said it.) Afterward I tried to call my family and friends and no one was answering, which should have been suspicious at the time but I thought nothing of it. I remember asking “are we still going to eat for her birthday?” Matthew told me we could still hang out with our friends but we had to go to his house first to see his family. What he thought was a small surprise party with a few of our close friends ended up being a HUGE party with all of our friends and family that was a surprise to both of us. It truly was the best day ever and I can’t wait for our life together!