Leigh and Scott

How We Met

Scott and I met while attending Michigan State University. We had mutual friends, but we really got to know each other when we had the same accounting lecture in sophomore year. We spent our first few “dates” at the library and in cafeterias discussing balance sheets. I knew he was more than a tutor the moment we changed topics from accounting to our weekend plans, future goals, and families. We started dating, and after college, we moved to Chicago. We have now been together for almost four years.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Red Rock National Park

how they asked

My parents live just outside Las Vegas. My brother, Scott and I all made plans to go visit my dad for his birthday. Scott and I arrived to Vegas Friday night and my brother, John, got in on Saturday morning. I woke up Saturday morning and got ready for brunch on the strip. I was told we were going to the Bellagio hotel to eat and take photos in the gardens.

When my mom got home from picking my brother up from the airport, they were in a huge fight. My mom was upset because John, a TV producer, needed to go to the nearby national park to take photos for an upcoming pilot. He explained to us that he just needed a few moments to drive to the canyon and take some pictures before we headed out for brunch.

John asked Scott and I to go with him to help out. I had already done my makeup and put on a dress – I didn’t want to get all dirty at the canyon! Annoyed, I got in the car and asked him to please hurry. My dad drove us to the park and we hopped out of the car. John said he was just going to start snapping photos, and for us to walk in front of him because he didn’t want our faces in the pictures.

We walked and I made a comment that it was the perfect day, with not a single cloud in the sky. Scott grabbed my hands and pulled me right out of my daydream when he stopped me and started saying, “Leigh, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met and I wanted to take you to the most beautiful place to ask you…”

To be honest, I blacked out after that, but I do remember saying “YES!” at the appropriate time and being completely stunned. Needless to say, the whole fight was a sham and my entire family deserves an Oscar for their performance to get me to fall for this plan!

After he popped the question, my mom pulled up with Scott’s parents and older sister in the car. After lots of tears and hugs, we spent the day drinking champagne, relaxing by the pool and smiling from ear to ear.