Leigh and Phillip | Gorgeous Garden Proposal

McManus_Reynolds_PhotographsbySabrina_LeighPhillipSabrinaFaves130_0_lowHow We Met: November 16, 2012… Ours is a story not possible without a good friend and God. Last fall, a college friend of Leigh’s (who is a youth advisor with Phillip) suggested that we meet. After two weeks of talking, texting, emailing, and of course, Facebook stalking, we went on our first date (Nov 16). With Leigh living in Easley and Phillip in Rock Hill, the obvious meeting place–though not so romantic–was Gaffney. We had dinner at Outback; got drinks at Starbucks; and then talked until the hour forced us to part ways. Thus began a journey – a journey of love, a journey of laughter, a journey of discerning if this relationship was to be, a journey up and down Interstate 85, and a journey that has led us to marriage.

How He Proposed: September 7, 2013… Unbeknownst to Leigh, this would be the day she would answer the easiest question she had ever been asked. The day began at Camp Canaan in Rock Hill. Phillip had given Leigh a zip-line canopy tour trip for Christmas in 2012. The weather was awesome and the tour was very fun. After our high flying adventure, we went back to Phillip’s house to get ready for fundraiser cocktail party at his office. We ended up with time to kill because Phillip misread the time of the fundraiser, so we wound up just down the street at Glencairn Garden, a beautiful and quiet park. We sat on a swing and talked for a few minutes, then took a walk to a more shady spot. That shady spot is where Phillip would take both of my hands, tell me how much he loved me, and then get down on one knee and ask me to marry him.

botanical_proposal (2)





Phillip put a gorgeous ring on my finger and then two photographers popped out from behind the trees. Not only was it a beautifully perfect proposal, but it was all captured in photographs by the talented Sabrina and Ben. We took some more pictures and then headed to the office for the fundraiser before dinner with our parents. As the elevator doors opened (to what Leigh truly thought was a fundraiser), she saw her parents, Phillip’s mom and all of their closest friends. The surprise engagement party planned by Phillip (with assistance from a friend and co-worker) was the perfect ending to a perfect day.







Photos: Photographs by Sabrina